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Edibles For The Holiday: A Guide To Diamond Green’s Favorite Cannabis Treats


Tis’ the season to be with family. At Diamond Green we know that time with the relatives means a need for discreet ways to enjoy your cannabis. In this Holiday Edibles Guide, we’ll show you our favorite edibles for a relaxing holiday at home with the family.

Edibles 101

Edible products are an enjoyable and discrete way to consume cannabis, but there are a few things you need to know before you stuff your face with these goodies.

The main thing to remember is that edibles take more time to kick in than smoking bud. This is important to remember because when you’re smoking cannabis, the potentially instant high makes it easy to know when you’ve reached your limit. With edibles, however, you could eat way more than your limit and not realize it until you end up with an overwhelming high. The last thing you want is to spend Christmas dinner paranoid over the idea that some fat man in a red suit is going to break in.

Another thing to keep in mind when consuming edibles is that you want to have something in your stomach before you eat them. If you take them on an empty stomach, you may get stronger and quicker effects than you’re expecting.

If it’s your first-time eating edibles, we recommend you check out our complete beginner’s guide: Edibles 101.

Our Favorites For The Holiday Season

Ceres Sativa Malt Balls

ceres malt balls

These delicious chocolatey balls of goodness are made up of 100mg of THC in total. Swiss milk chocolate with malt insides is the perfect holiday edibles for anybody looking for a bite-sized, sharable treat. These edibles might have a slow effect, so take your time eating them and you may experience a delayed onset of relaxation.


Mari’s Move Mints- Cinnamon Sativa

Mari's Move Mints edibles

Cinnamon and the holidays go hand-in-hand. These convenient mints are perfect for anyone hoping for a potentially fresh buzz and that holiday taste. The mints are 5mg of TCH each and might give a balanced high that may leave you feeling a mellow euphoria. The dosage of each mint is consistent, perfect for someone who isn’t sure how much they should eat.


Ceres Indica Dragon Balls

dragon balls edibles

These decadent edibles come in milk, white, and dark chocolate. These edibles may leave you feeling deeply tranquil. This product is perfect for someone hoping to potentially relax on the couch with friends and family.


Hot Sugar High CBD Soft Salted Caramel

hot sugar salted caramel edibles

What says “holiday season” more than salted caramel? These chewy edible candies have a 1:1 CBD and TCH ratio, perfect for someone who wants to feel relaxed over the holidays, but not overwhelmingly high. These gourmet caramel bites will leave your body feeling relaxed, and you mind feeling just right.


Summit Candies Hybrid Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

Summit candies hazelnut milk chocolate edibles

These candies are the type to melt in your mouth with goodness. These rich chocolates are infused with cannabis of the highest quality distillate from Oleum Labs.



Stop by Diamond Green or order online to get some of these delicious holiday edibles!

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