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5 Edibles That Will Get You Through The Holiday Season


It’s been a long and confusing year with most of our time spent indoors. For better or for worse, we’re in the middle of the holiday season. The weather is getting colder every day in Washington and the quarantine continues. The best gift you could give to yourself and others during these stagnant times might be edibles. Luckily, Diamond Green has one of the largest selections of cannabis edibles to get you through your 2020 holiday season. 

Each of the edibles we’ve come up with below might be the perfect addition to your evening or lazy day around the house. During the colder months in Washington, there’s nothing like a sweet treat in front of a well-lit fire. Check out these five cannabis edibles for warming up, and chilling out your ongoing holiday season. Check out our live menu for daily specials and info on new products.

Fairwinds Deeper Sleep

Fairwinds produces a number of effective cannabis products that you don’t need to smoke. Their Deeper Sleep capsules come with 75mg of THC and 45mg of CBD total to potentially deliver the deep sleep you’ve been searching for. That means each capsule contains 5mg THC and 3mg CBD for a total of 15 capsules. Look for this product also in tincture form.

Ceres Cookies N’ Cream Chocolate Bites (100mg/10pk)

Ceres is an extremely reliable brand for topicals, edibles, and more. Their lineup of sweets is eye-grabbing not only for their confectionary value but the quality cannabis oil within each one as well. Their Cookies N’ Cream Chocolate Bites come with 10mg of THC in a pack of 10 total bites. Try these after a delicious dinner and see if they might ease you into sleep. 

Mari’s Retire Mints Hot Cinnamon (100mg/20pk)

Mari’s Mints are known for offering a wide variety of mints meant to either energize, stabilize, or retire for the evening. Their “Retire” line of mints has a cinnamon flavor that might add to the holiday season cheer you’ve been missing since Halloween. 

Summit Candies Horchata White Chocolate (100mg/10pk)

Horchata white chocolate…do we need to say anything more? Summit Candies has made a unique winner with their Horchata White Chocolate candies. These chocolates come in packs of 10 with 100mg of THC total in each pack. Taste summer one last time with these chocolates before the cold winter takes over in Washington.

Hazy Daze Sugar-Free Brownie 2:1 (200mg CBD:100mg THC/4pk)

Hazy Daze is ready to take you back to the good old days with their Sugar-Free infused Brownie that features a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The lack of sugar only makes these treats more accessible while they still retain ample sweetness. The higher dosage of CBD might help make your evening in a little cozier.

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