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Durban Poison—A Pure Sativa Landrace Strain Popular Since The ‘70s


Durban Poison is one of those classic cannabis strains that you can expect to find at any shop. This strain has not seen a single dip in popularity since essentially the 1970’s. So many other strains have been bred too many times to stay true to their genetics to the point of being a “pure” anything. Somehow Durban Poison has been able to stay tried-and-true in the world of weed for its reliable sativa buzz that has a potent aroma to say the least.

Like the name suggests, this intense landrace strain hales from the port city of Durban in South Africa. Huge resin-glands on this particular strain make it a delight to grow, as well as extract into concentrates. You’ll always find a reliable uplifting high from any Durban Poison strain typically, as well as a pretty high THC level. The buds are bushy and thick, with almost a wet coating of trichomes that slather every inch of its surface. Once you crack a nug open you can see that crystally, sticky interior that reeks of a sweet, yet earthy stench.

The medical benefits of Durban Poison lie heavily in the mood altering effects it can give the user. If you suffer from relative levels of depression or stress this strain has the possibility to relieve some of the symptoms of either. If you’re the type of person that likes to keep a busy brain throughout the day, Durban Poison may offer a great boost to your creativity. Read more about how cannabis can potentially boost your creativity.

Durban Poison by Northwest Roots

You can easily pick up a few grams of the infamous landrace strain made by Northwest Roots the next time you visit Diamond Green. It does ample justice to the strain’s lineage of getting its users more than satisfyingly high.

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