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DogHouse Farms Grows Award-Winning Weed In Oregon And Washington

Images via DogHouse Instagram

DogHouse Farms is a name that’s steadily become a mainstay in the rec shops around Washington in the last couple years. This is only because they’ve set up shop in Washington within that span of time. If you head down to Oregon you’ll find their potent flower lining the shelves of several laudable shops. Theirs is a name that’s synonymous with industriousness, as well as intimacy and conciseness in their team.

They’ve taken home runner-up awards at the 2016 DOPE Cup for their Starkiller strain. It almost won “Most Potent Flower,” and “Best Hybrid Flower.” The same could be said of their SFV OG Kush strain that was runner-up for “Best Sativa-Dominant Flower.” They’ve since gone on to win several DOPE Cup awards for their flower and extracts, such as their Dogwalker OG oil that’s won two years in a row.

In Washington, DogHouse’s team is small, only consisting of around 20 employees. The site in Oregon is no different, with less than 20 employees on the crew, per an interview with DOPE Magazine. With each of their strains they bring a noticeable intelligence to the finished product—undoubtedly this is some good looking weed. A shop favorite among our employees at Diamond Green is their extremely potent Headband strain. This sativa-dominant strain boasts high THC levels and noticeable psychoactive effects that will get you zoning tough.

Headband by DogHouse Farms

The DogHouse name represents the collaborative effort of each and every employee towards constantly innovating, experimenting, and growing with the product they produce. The current strain producer that calls DogHouse their home is none other than Homegrown Natural Wonders. They famously brought the Dr. Who strain into existance.

We currently carry a healthy selection of strains from DogHouse, as well as their “Bones” pre-rolls. The line-up of genetics at our store right now include Dog Walker, Bruce Banner #3, Gorilla Glue #4, Tangie Land #5, Headband, San Fernando Valley OG, and their nearly award-winning strain Starkiller. You can truly taste the difference with the DogHouse brand, and if you’re ever hunting for something both high in THC and flavor, look no further.

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