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The Piney-Sweet Diamond OG Strain May Make You Sleep Like A Rock


The Diamond OG strain is precious in many ways because of its palpable effects and largely unknown origins. By crossing an unknown strain with OG Kush you end up with this heavy indica strain that many medical patients reach for to potentially relax. Many describe the effects of the Diamond OG as being potentially heavy, inducing full-body relaxation that may lend to pain relief. The aroma of this cultivar is notably rich with notes of pine, citrus, and pure musky gas.

Looking at one of the nugs, you’ll notice a healthy and dense coating of trichomes that almost make the weed look wet. Equally dense are the nugs themselves, with vibrant green hues decorating its foliage. The Diamond OG strain looks like a healthy hybrid strain from the coloration. But let it fool you, it may knock you out cold with lazy and hazy effects. Breaking some open, you can see a sparkling cavern of crystals that let you know this strain is potent.

Honey Tree Extracts

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The dominant terpenes in the Diamond OG strain are alpha-pinene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene. This combination of terps explains the nullifying relaxation this strain may produce. Alpha-pinene is the most common terpene found in the natural world. It might be useful for eliminating pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Myrcene is also a very common terpene with floral and sweet aromas that may lend to classically calming feelings. Beta-caryophyllene is responsible for the gassy musk of the strain, and may also be useful for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Smoking on some of the Diamond OG, whether it’s in flower or concentrate form, may take you on the wildest ride to relaxation. A few rips and you may experience a wave of warm embrace pass over your body as the high kicks in. Before you know it, you may be lying on the couch dozing, or already be face down in bed.

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