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Coronavirus: Everything We Know So Far And How It Relates To You


We hope this finds you safe, well, and sane. There are so many emails saying that now with the coronavirus, but it’s honest. No one alive has experienced a crisis like the one is ongoing, so make sure to be kind to yourself and those that you interact with. 

On December 31st, 2020, Chinese health officials reported mysterious pneumonia cases in Wuhan to the World Health Organization. Those with it originally reported difficulty breathing, but their health was rapidly deteriorating. 

A week later, China announced COVID-19, aka coronavirus, as the origin of this outbreak. In the following months, hot zones of COVID-19 infection have broken out in Italy, and the United States of America. The virus has spread throughout the world. 

Now, all major events from the world of sports to music have been canceled. On an even wider scale, countries all over the world have closed their borders to combat the spread of the virus. The world hasn’t seen a pandemic this bad for over a century. 

In the face of this crisis, it’s paramount to stay calm, informed, and hopeful. The costs of COVID-19 are bleak to consider, but humans are built to survive. We at Diamond Green Tacoma have done our due diligence to bring you crucial information on the virus. 

How did COVID-19 Begin? 

There are several coronavirus strains in existence which affect species such as bats, camels, and cats. COVID-19 is one we care about because of cross-species mutation, or the ability of the virus to find another source than its host species. This virus started in another animal and then found a way to infect human beings. Often, when viruses do this they are relatively benign in their original host species and catastrophic in the fresh host. 

While we know that the first cases were in Wuhan, China and that several cases came from a single wet market. This is a market where they sell animal meat including bat and dog, sometimes alive, we do not know what the first case was. The origin is of natural origin, however, and not of unnatural design. Wet markets pose a serious threat to public health because they are an ideal environment for a virus to undergo a mutation that allows them to affect several species. 

Who Is At Risk From COVID-19? 

Most people who die from COVID-19 are over 50 years old, however, even people in their 20s and babies have died from the virus. A study showed that 20 percent of 20-44-year-olds required hospitalizations, 2-4 percent of which required ICU treatment. 

Older people are most at risk, along with the immunocompromised, those with asthma, and diabetes. Several other conditions are problematic. Yet, even young people cannot be without worry. Everyone can be affected by this condition, and until research develops treatment or a cure, it’s best to practice social distancing and isolation.

Is There A Vaccine?

Studies have been performed that such various levels of successful treatment of COVID-19 using existing medicines. New vaccines are in development too, however, vaccines usually take years to develop. Under these conditions, risks may arise from rushing production. Even if one does prove effective, the side effects will be unknown until the population is affected by them. 

We’re in a rock and a hard place, but developing a vaccine is a necessity for those most at risk from the virus. 

Social Distancing

People have called COVID-19 a great equalizer, and in one way it is. Every single person, from the president to a skateboarder, is a potential carrier of the virus. The virus commonly exists in the human body for 14 days before displaying symptoms, so many carriers are unaware they have it. 

Due to this, isolation is our best strategy against the spread of COVID-19. Without social distancing, death toll estimates in the United States were around 2 million. With effective social distancing, that estimate is 200,000. Hopefully, it can be lower. 

To effectively practice hygiene in this crisis, drink water and wash your hands. COVID-19 dies in the stomach, and through thorough handwashing. Additionally, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Wearing a mask when outside is especially recommended to limit the spread. 

Availability For Testing

COVID-19 tests have been limited since the beginning of the crisis. In America, COVID-19 treatment is expensive, and resources are strained. Unless you are exhibiting certain symptoms, there is little reason to get tested. Even some who are ill have struggled to be tested. 

If you’re sure you have the symptoms and need medical attention, go to the hospital. Otherwise, it’s best to ride it off. If doctors and police officers are getting sick from being around hospitals and those with the virus, it might be better to stay away.

How do I Know If I Have The Coronavirus?

There are a variety of symptoms of COVID-19, but the most common include a dry cough, a fever, and difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing these symptoms call your health care provider to get a plan in order. Doing so is requested by the authorities to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

How Does It Relate To The Cannabis Industry?

No industry is safe from COVID-19. While sales have continued throughout the pandemic, there have been lay-offs in the industry, and other sectors are hurting. Many vape producers relied on Chinese manufacturing. Additionally, the cancellation of shows and events means the loss of millions.

With a downbeat mood for April this year as a prophecy, cannabis centers will likely face challenges throughout 2020. Diamond Green Tacoma is still open though, and happy to serve you high-quality products throughout this emergency. Make sure to check out our live menu to see what’s available, and stay safe throughout this emergency. We will be temporarily closing at 9pm until further notice.

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