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5 Classic Strains At Diamond Green That You Need To Try Dabbing

Photo by @doja_bunny on IG

As we approach 7/10, the new stoner holiday of celebrating cannabis concentrates, it’s worth having a look at our wide selection. Washington’s most sought after extractors line our shelves at Diamond Green. Check our menu for our 7/10 deals that we’ll be running. Many of the classic strains that we carry potent flower for are also represented in dab form. 

Cannabis concentrates are a newer and less carcinogen-ridden way of consuming cannabis in its purest form. When you have vape carts with either distillate, live resin, CO2, and then dabs that are either shatter, batter, wax, live resin, diamonds and sauce, or sugar it’s hard to make a choice. We’ve come up with five options that we’ve done strain profiles on in the past. This way, you can educate yourself on some of the more classic strains that are fit for dabbing any day. Celebrate 7/10 and every day, really, with terpene-rich cannabis concentrates that will offer medical and recreational effects.

5 Classic Strains That You Should Be Dabbing

Purple Punch

The Purple Punch strain is easily one of the most popular sedative strains that’s everywhere in Washington. By crossing he Larry OG with Granddaddy Purps, you end up with this sour grape delight that has potentially mind and body melting effects. Rocket Cannabis makes a distillate cartridge of this strain that definitely has the eclectic flavor on lock. 

Green Crack

You probably know about the Green Crack strain even if you don’t smoke weed. Known for its potentially caffeine-like buzzing highs, this strain will never disappoint on gassy coffee flavors. Again, Rocket Cannabis has a powerful distillate cart of this strain that’s very affordable. You might find truly invigorating highs from this classic cultivar.

Energize Your Morning With The Fiery And Gassy Green Crack Strain
Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express strain has hilarious ties to the movie with James Franco and Seth Rogen under the same name. It’s coincidentally a real crowd-pleaser and combines Trainwreck with Hawaiian to do so. This tropical hitter is available in Rocket Cannabis carts at our shop currently and will potentially give you the blissfully mood-lifting highs you’ve been looking for. 

The Pineapple Express Strain Is A Lively Hybrid With Peppery, Piney, And Fruity Melon Aromas
Girl Scout Cookies

Possibly the most popular strain in existence aside from Blue Dream is the Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC. Berner from Cookies did a number by breeding this Bay Area celebrity from an OG Kush and Durban Poison cross. The superstar strain has gone on to satisfy the world with its doughy, stoney, and sweet earthy flavors and effects. Sub Ohm has a tanker refill at our shop that has a flavorful oil extraction you can hit precisely with your rig. 

OG Kush

The OG Kush strain is another classic that you need to try at least a million times in your smoking career. It never disappoints and has global recognition. The West Coast, California especially, has an obsession with this original strain. By crossing Chemdawg with Hindu Kush, you end up with this hall of fame strain that gives off musky, tangy, and earthy aromas. Cedar Creek Cannabis has some OG Kush diamonds that are affordable and might potentially take you to a twilight zone of video games and your favorite snacks.

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