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The Chocolope Strain’s Cocoa Coffee Profile Is Giving Sativas A Fresh Stench


Repping the Sativa dessert strains, the Chocolope strain is a potent cannabis flower with accents as diverse as cantaloupe and coffee. It maintains an overall rich, earthy, and chocolate profile that lines up with its parents, Chocolate Thai, and Cannalope Haze. The taste is mellow and clean, which is the perfect mask for its potentially relaxing and euphoric nature.

Smoking Chocolope may be akin to taking a stimulant, except it may be way more mellow. Energy flows throughout the body, everything seems like a great idea, but the body feels more relaxed. It may sooth as it awakens, perfectly elongating a good mood. This quality is because Chocolope is rich in the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

Limonene is a fun lime smelling terpene which may cause mood elevation and euphoria. While it’s melting away your stress, Chocolope may help your body relax with peppery caryophyllene, which has proven anti-inflammatory effects. Finally, floral myrcene serves to add to the cacophony of calming effects. All of these qualities come together in buds that look relatively standard for cannabis, but Chocolope is not to be underrated. It is one of the most desirable sativas for the potential lucidity of its high. Artists, writers, socialites, gardeners, and more, love this strain for the ability to stay productive after smoking it.

Best Times To Enjoy This Strain

While it’s hard to suggest smoking before responsibilities for those inexperienced with cannabis, Chocolope may be a perfect daytime strain. It might especially excel midday, as it could be the final push you need to get through the day. With a potential burst of energy, good mood, and a relaxed attitude, the high from this strain could be easy to get used to having throughout the day. The coffee notes of Chocolope should suggest that this isn’t the best strain for insomnia or passive activity. It may keep you up.

Find The Chocolope Strain At Diamond Green

North West Roots cultivates the Chocolope flower sold here at Diamond Green. It’s available for $10 a gram. Check it out as a potential daily driver if you have any interests in Sativa strains. It’s a treat!

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