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Tips For How To Avoid Chazzing Your Quartz Banger

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Dabbing cannabis concentrates has become one of the most popular forms of consumption for its quick effects and palpable flavor. When you have a dab right you’ll typically have either a titanium or quartz banger. Quartz has risen as one of the most popular types of bangers, but so much variety exists within that category. There’s a strong potential of purchasing low-quality glass that will wear down quicker and not retain heat as effectively. But, regardless of the fact of whether you purchase expensive American-made glass, or a cheap smoke shop banger—chazzing will occur if used improperly.

The act of chazzing occurs when there is an excessive amount of heat applied to the bottom or sides of your banger. Extended periods of applying excessive heat will cause the banger to develop a charred sooty layer at the base. You don’t want this. It will make your dabs taste bad. 

When you take a dab and throw it into a hot banger you will begin to chazz your piece. Doing this repeatedly without cleaning your quartz will only worsen the inevitable chazzing of your banger. There are ways to keep a clean operation and still do timed-dabs after initially heating up the piece. You have to also keep in mind that there are different thicknesses of quartz bangers so not all glass heats up the same.

The three main tools you will need to effectively keep your banger from the dreaded chazz are a timepiece, Q-tips, and rubbing alcohol. A good rule of thumb is to heat your rig for about 20-30 seconds and then let it cool down for a solid minute. Never let your quartz get red-hot, that’s only going to damage the glass and leave potential for you to burn your dab. Immediately following your hit and giving the glass another minute to cool down, hit it with a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. This combo works just as good as any specific cleaner for quartz bangers. 

Remember to always clean your banger after every single use. Neglecting this even one time is a quick route to finding yourself stuck with a chazzed banger. The best way to not chazz your banger is to treat it with care, and most importantly, stay away from hot dabs. This will only improve your overall dabbing experience and save you money on buying a new banger in the long run.

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