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Learn How CBN (Cannabinol) Could Make Real Medical Breakthroughs

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Within the cannabis plant, there are over 480 naturally occurring compounds. So far, we’ve found 66 that we deem as “cannabinoids.” These are the chemical compounds within the plant that we’ve been finding countless recreational and medical benefits for. The two main compounds everyone knows are THC and CBD. These two compounds, respectively, are the proprietors of what people consider recreational versus medical about cannabinoids. CBN, or cannabinol, is a lesser-known compound that occurs within the cannabis plant that also shows potential for medical benefits.

CBN is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that forms as THC grows older. When cannabis is left out for a while it oxidizes itself and the THC compound will slowly turn into CBN. Leaving your weed out to get old enough to become THC-less and rich with CBN seems silly though, right? Instead, labs have been finding ways to isolate this cannabinoid to see the potential healing power it has. The findings have been more than substantial towards treating a number of ailments.

Potential Medical Benefits Of CBN

Photo by Get Budding on Unsplash

CBD has been the shining star of the new medicinal movement for cannabis since the passing of the Farm Bill and hemp-derived CBD became federally legal. Which is fair, because it has been proving useful in the fight against cancer, as well as helping those with epilepsy. Alternatively, CBN has been showing signs of specializing in its own forms of healing. Conditions involving inflammation such as arthritis, Crohn’s, and Glaucoma seem to respond positively to CBN. It also seems to show the potential to help those suffering from insomnia. CBN as a sleep-aid may soon rise in popularity.

More interestingly, cannabinol has shown promise as an antibacterial agent. This discovery was made when testing the compound against MRSA, which is a notoriously tough bacteria to fight with normal antibacterial agents. Cannabinol could also become a viable treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease aka amyotrophic multiple sclerosis after testing on rats. Once human testing takes place, CBN could offer a veritable breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative conditions.  And lastly, it was recently found in a study that CBN is a successful appetite stimulant, potentially due to the lack of psychoactive compounds that it affects the user with.

Ask About CBN At Diamond Green

Instead of looking for old weed you have lying around, go inquire at your local dispensary. At Diamond Green, we carry Caviar Gold’s Amber Fire syringes that contain hash oil. All of their hash oil products are rich in CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC. Ask any of our budtenders about how you can find more products that are high in CBN and how it could potentially benefit your health.

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