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These 3 High-CBD Strains May Help Reduce Your Anxiety


The relationship between cannabis and fighting or inducing anxiety has always been a topic under discussion. Many casual users will state that they will only consume cannabis under more private circumstances as being high in public gives them anxiety. Further research on the matter has told us that different strains affect the user well, differently. For example, many seeking the medical benefits of cannabis seek-out strains low in THC and high in CBD.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant that gives the user mind-altering effects. Too much of this compound in a given strain can push a user over the edge into the realm of anxiousness. CBD, or cannabidiol, on the other hand doesn’t give the user any psychoactive effects, and has been found to have strong healing properties. Here are four strains currently available at Diamond Green that are high in CBD.

Canna Tsu by Liberty Reach

These 3 High-CBD Strains May Help Reduce Your AnxietyLiberty Reach’s Canna Tsu strain has one of the highest CBD ratios you’ll see in the 502 market. With a 24:1 CBD ratio this strain has seen attention from the press for being extremely smooth and producing big smoke. Users will find this strain to offer ample relaxing vibes without affecting your mental state.

CBD Dream by Millennium Green

Millennium Green is a Clean Green Certified brand that produces a couple killer CBD-rich strains. One of which is their CBD Dream. This strain has over 2% terps in it as well as a healthy dose of 23% THCa that is sure to add to the entourage effect of this flower. CBD Dream has a strong myrcene profile that will give analgesic, and anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

These 3 High-CBD Strains May Help Reduce Your AnxietyHarlequin by Millennium Green

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a comparatively high CBD to THC ratio that our customers enjoy. The sweet melon and earthy fragrance of this strain add to a spicy, yet fruity and smooth smoke. This strain comes with high levels of caryophyllene terps and is known to sooth stress, anxiety, and depression.

Critical Mass by Artizen

These 3 High-CBD Strains May Help Reduce Your AnxietyCritical Mass is an indica-dominant flower from Artizen that’s heavy on CBD. Many of our regular customers enjoy this flower for its relaxing indica effects that combine with the high levels of CBD to create a pleasurable smoking experience.

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