Four Edibles At Diamond Green That Might Help You Stay Active This Summer

Four Edibles At Diamond Green That Might Help You Stay Active This Summer

It’s crazy to think June is over halfway over. Summer crept up on us amidst the ongoing quarantine and the biggest civil rights movement in history. Many are finding ways to begin engaging in their summer and stay active in the Black Lives Matter movement. You don’t necessarily always want to be smoking big, stinky loud when you’re out in public. Edibles are a great alternative to finding stoney bliss while on the go and keeping discretion on full. 

Many think of edibles as the knock-out punch at the end of the day, or the after-meal treat that lays in the “I’m full” effect. Not all edibles are meant for kicking your feet up, there are many uplifting and citrusy cannabis edibles that are meant to energize. We’ve put together five edibles we carry at Diamond Green that might help you stay active this summer.

Lifted Sativa Capsules by Ceres

These soft gel capsules by Ceres are easy to take in the morning and don’t come with any flavor. With 10mg of THC in each capsule and a sativa blend of flavors, these Lifted Sativa Capsules might potentially jumpstart your day and help you stay active.

AM Relief Capsules by Fairwinds

Fairwinds has a high CBD capsule meant for AM relief that comes brimming with potentially upbeat sativa effects. Fairwinds has a bevy of tinctures and capsules that are meant to either speed up or slow down your day.

C4 Strawberry Surge Fruit Chews by Canna Burst

Canna Burst has a sativa version of their C4 Strawberry Surge Fruit Chews that come with 10mg of THC per fruit chew, equalling 100mg of THC per pack. With a burst of citrusy, fruity flavors these fruit chews might kick you into gear while out and about in the sun.

Lemon Marmas by Magic Kitchen

Citrus-smelling things are often uplifting and have an almost magical stress-relieving quality, such as perfume or a juicy orange. The Lemon Marmas by Magic Kitchen are delectable lemon-flavored gummies that might brighten your spirits. Each gummy comes with 10mg of THC to potentially help you stay active during the day.

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Charge Up Your Sunny Day With These 5 Cannabis Strains For Summer

Charge Up Your Sunny Day With These 5 Cannabis Strains For Summer

Whether we’re ready for it or not, summer is upon us in the PNW. Whatever is bringing you outside as the sun begins to regularly show its face, there are cannabis strains for summer that might enhance and energize your spirits. We carry several strains at Diamond Green that are great for staying active on the now open beaches and trails. 

Sativa isn’t really the best classification of strains that might energize you. A better guiding factor is the terpenes in the strain. Many energizing and uplifting strains contain terpenes such as limonene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. Looking closer at a few strains we carry at Diamond Green might hone in on some delightful new favorites.

Cannabis Strains For Summer Available At Diamond Green

Super Lemon Haze

The Super Lemon Haze strain is one of the reliable lemony and tart strains widely available on the West Coast. It comes from crossing the Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze. You can trust that it will deliver terpene-rich sweet citrus aromas and flavors. In tandem with the potent THC, it might potentially set you off with an energizing brain blast of pure joy. 

The Zesty Super Lemon Haze Strain May Energize And Uplift Your Spirits
Diamond OG

The Diamond OG strain sounds luxurious and may give you an incredibly decadent high. This hitter comes from crossing an unknown strain with OG Kush to produce a heavy indica with enlivening piney notes. Though it is an indica strain, users might find its citrusy and musky flavors to be an intense relaxer that lights you up initially.

The Piney-Sweet Diamond OG Strain May Make You Sleep Like A Rock
Maui Wowie

In the grand scheme of known favorites for daytime smoking, the Maui Wowie strain is a no-brainer. This landrace strain that comes from the tropical islands of Hawaii may give you the zesty, sour pineapple-like flavors you’ve been craving. A few puffs of this strain might set you on a productive path that keeps you smiling.

The Pungeant Maui Wowie Strain Is One Of The Most Classic Sativa Landrace Strains

Another reputable classic, the AK-47 strain never disappoints on delivering cerebral highs that might stimulate a euphoric focus. By crossing Afghani, Colombian, Mexican, and Thai varieties, this sativa-dominant powerhouse came to be. Get ready for potentially immediate effects upon smoking this all-star that reeks of pure citrus diesel. 

AK-47 Is A Classic Sativa Hybrid That Will Energize You All Day
Lemon Meringue

A more nutty, yet still fruity and lemony strain, the Lemon Meringue might be your new mid-to-late day smoke. Exotic Genetix is responsible for this cultivar, crossing the Lemon Skunk with Cookies and Cream quite effectively. Get ready for an almost chemical-like spice on the smoke that resolves into a sweetness that might creditably lift the spirits and brighten your mood as it chills you out.

The Lemon Meringue Strain By Avitas Is A Wonderful Daytime Smoke

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Learn More About These Spacey Strains—May The Fourth Be With You!

Learn More About These Spacey Strains—May The Fourth Be With You!

Like so many other great holidays that the Coronavirus may glaze over, today is May the Fourth be with you, a vital holiday for Star Wars fans. On this day you have every right to binge through your favorite cannon of the series and blaze up on your favorite spacey cannabis products. There’s no reason that quarantine should have to stop your illustrious nerdy holiday.

We’ve put together a space-inspired strain list of products available at Diamond Green. Like Star Wars, these cannabis products may take you to a galaxy far, far away sooner than you think. Be sure to check our online menu for inventory levels, and feel free to order online for pickup. Stay safe and May the Fourth be with you on this interesting entrance into Spring.

Vortex by Lucky Devil Farms

The Vortex strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is incredibly potent. This strain may potentially pull you into a new dimension of pure euphoria. It comes from crossing Space Queen with Apollo 13. The result is a deliciously sweet and sour citrus flavor that has almost tropical aromatic accents. This strain won High Times’ Best Sativa in 2010. Lucky Devil Farms does an outstanding job at recreating this award-winning strain.

1g Stardawg by Doghouse

If you’re really looking to go to the stars on this May the Fourth, consider the Stardawg concentrate from Doghouse. Never disappointing on delivering highly flavorful cannabis products, the Stardawg has an earthy piney smell to it. The high that it may potentially give you is uplifting and euphoric.

Learn More About These Spacey Strains—May The Fourth Be With You!

3.5g Elon Musky by Lifted

Take a trip to space with the notorious founder of SpaceX himself. This loud strain boasts many spicy and diesel notes. The Elon Musky strain may provide the fuel you need to make it into space in the blink of an eye. The high that follows may be engaging, stimulating, spacey, yet stress-relieving.

3.5g Klingon by Soulshine

The Klingon strain by Soulshine is nothing to mess around with. This cultivar is a genetic variation on the Romulan strain that potentially boasts some seriously spacey and sedative effects. Be careful how much you smoke of this strain, or else you might wake up from a deep sleep in another galaxy.

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The Results Are In: April Budtender Picks Of The Month

The Results Are In: April Budtender Picks Of The Month

Congratulations on getting through April! Coronavirus or not, spring is here, and it’s time to at least enjoy some sunshine, even in the yard. Now more than ever, it’s a good idea to stock up on your favorite cannabis products to lessen your visits to the store. Our April budtender picks are sure to contain some of your favorites.

At Diamond Green, we’ve been enjoying the change of seasons, and we’ve picked our favorite products for you to try out! Check out our live menu for all of your options, but otherwise, here’s how we suggest celebrating spring. These are our coveted April budtender picks of the month.

Sacred GG4

There’s no way to go wrong with GG#4 as it’s been an absolute winner for thousands of stoners across the country. The caryophyllene and limonene strain is a potentially relaxing delight with just enough life to make any day gold. It’s especially recommended for those that want to stay down to earth. 

Zkittlez Distillate by Two Heads

For those looking to have a crazy day, or just straight up pass out, Two Head’s Skittlez Dab Syringe is a must-try for only $35. Their delicious dabs will keep you coming back for the flavor but light you up with their potency. Easy to use, and tasty as can be, the Skiddlez are lovely. 

Og Mint Cartridge by Hellavated

Everyone with a sensitive palate has to try Hellevated Og Mint Cart. This potent and clean cart will get you lit without leaving anything sticking in your mouth and is nothing if not convenient. 

Spiked Punch by Western Cultured

A mellow indica like few others, Spiked Punch can be a wonderful day time strain. During the quarantine, it’s the perfect blend of sedative and uplifting effects to keep moods up, and energy management. 

Purple Cat Piss by ZoZ

If you want a day to pass by in a haze with a few friends, then ZOZ’s Purple Cat Piss Kief Blunt will get you there. For $25 this blunt will destroy you and your friends, even if you’re pretty sure your tolerance is already up there. Veteran stoners only, unless you’re comfortable continually coughing. 

Photo by @mjleaves on IG

LA God’s Gift Joints by Freedon

And finally, for those looking for an approachable option, LA God’s Gift joints by Freedom are a steal for $8 apiece. These tasty and potent pre-rolls are as tasty as they are effective. Anyone can pick some up for a great high.

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Celebrate The Beginning Of Spring With These Potentially Energizing Strains

Celebrate The Beginning Of Spring With These Potentially Energizing Strains

4/20 has come and gone and it feels like there won’t be many public opportunities to celebrate cannabis in the near future. Regardless, Spring is upon us and it’s important to put your best foot forward. During these long quarantine days, there are many opportunities to find productivity and still stay in touch with friends. There are several energizing cannabis strains that may get you moving.

Check out our live menu to learn more about these popular strains that may energize you or give you the relaxation you need while laying in the sun.

Lemon Meringue by Avitas

The Lemon Meringue strain may bring nothing but overwhelmingly positive vibes. With hints of citrus flirting with a base of nutty diesel, the flavor profile is a treat, and the high may be quite energizing. It’s potentially ideal for indoor workers, like painters, writers, musicians, and anyone else trying to work. Supplied to us by Avitas, this strain is excellent for daytime and productive uses. 

Jack Herer by Cedar Creek

A cornerstone of the sativa world, Jack Herer has been around forever and defines the potentially uplifting sativa experience. Cedar Creek Cannabis supplies our crop, and the high is true to its reputation as a potentially creative, energizing, and euphoric strain. The sweet peppery taste pairs with a potentially pleasant alertness. This strain is great for beginners.

Jack Herer by Cedar Creek Cannabis

Durban Poison by Northwest Roots

Durban Poison is a South African strain that stands out for its excellence. Smoking the flower may hit you with a potent rush of energy which will get you motivated to do something. It’s compared to the potentially stimulating rush of espresso, but this anise smelling strain is smooth.

Wedding Cake by Hometown Herbs

With a sweet, fruity, and earthy smell, it’s no wonder why Wedding Cake has risen to be one of the most popular cannabis strains. Its pleasant attributes and potential pick-me-up is ideal for unwinding and relaxing with a smile. If you’ve been working from home all day, smoking some Wedding Cake may get you nice and toasty.

Blue Dream by Spady Bud

Pretty much everyone with an interest in trying Blue Dream has tried the legendary hybrid strain. It’s a reliable strain which many people consider their favorite. We offer several options for Blue Dream flower at our Tacoma location. Blue Dream is a perfect beginner strain, and may offer a truly relaxing high. It may also create uplifting effects that smooth out any day.

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It’s 4/20/20! Learn More About Diamond Green’s Upcoming 420 Deals

It's 4/20/20! Learn More About Diamond Green's Upcoming 420 Deals

Despite current events, we are days away from one of the most important holidays in the cannabis world. 420, April 20th, has become a worldwide phenomenon, and this year marks 420 lasting all month (4/20/20.) Even if the coronavirus is keeping us indoors, we can still offer some incredible 420 deals.

Here at Diamond Green Tacoma, we won’t upset tradition even in the time of a crisis. If we can’t go outside, we can still fly while getting higher than we have any business of getting. Although we are currently closing at 9 PM in response to the crisis, our 4/20 Sale will be ongoing all day. Check out our live menu to see your full list of options.

420 Deals At Diamond Green

It's 4/20/20! Learn More About Diamond Green's Upcoming 420 Deals

$3 Joints from Hometown Herbs

Enjoy craft cannabis from Hometown Herbs for only $3 apiece. These smokes are sure to get you blazed and delight your palate. With an even hit and choices such as Blue Dream and Wedding Cake, these pre-rolls are an obvious pick up for immediate satisfaction. 

$25 1g carts from Venom

Mixing pure distillate oil with natural terpenes, Venom provides reliable quality vape carts. These carts will get you lit for an excellent price point.

$10 Dabs Smokey Point

Based out of Arlington, Washington, Smokey Point continues to supply top-quality dabs to our Tacoma location. Growing plants in a clean environment with beneficial ecosystems and using tea as fertilizer, Smokey Point displays a masterful level of finesse. 

$20 3.5g from Jackpot

At less than $6 a gram, this deal is a no brainer for a serious 420 celebration. Toke well, and toke often. 

30% off Airo Pro 1/2g Carts

We feature a wide selection of Airo Pro 1/2g carts so every vape enthusiast is sure to be happy with this deal. With sativas, indicas, and hybrids, there’s something for everyone! 

$30 Sub Ohm Tanker with Aspire Battery

Rounding off our list is the Sub Ohm Tanker featuring the luxurious Aspire Battery for only $30. If you pick this up you’ll stay lit for more than 4/20. 

Enjoy whatever you choose responsibly, and happy holidays. We look forward to meeting all your cannabis needs. 

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The Chocolope Strain’s Cocoa Coffee Profile Is Giving Sativas A Fresh Stench

Repping the Sativa dessert strains, the Chocolope strain is a potent cannabis flower with accents as diverse as cantaloupe and coffee. It maintains an overall rich, earthy, and chocolate profile that lines up with its parents, Chocolate Thai, and Cannalope Haze. The taste is mellow and clean, which is the perfect mask for its potentially relaxing and euphoric nature.

Smoking Chocolope may be akin to taking a stimulant, except it may be way more mellow. Energy flows throughout the body, everything seems like a great idea, but the body feels more relaxed. It may sooth as it awakens, perfectly elongating a good mood. This quality is because Chocolope is rich in the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

Limonene is a fun lime smelling terpene which may cause mood elevation and euphoria. While it’s melting away your stress, Chocolope may help your body relax with peppery caryophyllene, which has proven anti-inflammatory effects. Finally, floral myrcene serves to add to the cacophony of calming effects. All of these qualities come together in buds that look relatively standard for cannabis, but Chocolope is not to be underrated. It is one of the most desirable sativas for the potential lucidity of its high. Artists, writers, socialites, gardeners, and more, love this strain for the ability to stay productive after smoking it.

Best Times To Enjoy This Strain

While it’s hard to suggest smoking before responsibilities for those inexperienced with cannabis, Chocolope may be a perfect daytime strain. It might especially excel midday, as it could be the final push you need to get through the day. With a potential burst of energy, good mood, and a relaxed attitude, the high from this strain could be easy to get used to having throughout the day. The coffee notes of Chocolope should suggest that this isn’t the best strain for insomnia or passive activity. It may keep you up.

Find The Chocolope Strain At Diamond Green

North West Roots cultivates the Chocolope flower sold here at Diamond Green. It’s available for $10 a gram. Check it out as a potential daily driver if you have any interests in Sativa strains. It’s a treat!

What Is The Dragon Balm By Ceres And How Can It Potentially Help Your Aches And Pains?

Dragon Balm is produced by one of Washington’s more innovative cannabis brands, Ceres. They go the extra mile to create cannabis products that have a serious focus on wellness. In addition to producing your typical flower, concentrates, cartridges, edibles, etc, they have a full lotion and balm line.

Massages are sexy, but touch goes further than excitement. Focused pressure on and handling of the body can undo years of tension. Skin benefits from more than touch however, as the human body has Endocannabinoid Receptors throughout the body.

This infused topical contains 1:1 THC to CBD content and 175mg of both in 2oz of the Dragon Balm. However, this product isn’t only a cannabinoid product. Ingredients such as the terpene camphor, a known numbing agent, are mixed into the balm to potentially provide a soothing experience cannabis users can enjoy. It also contains mint, which is a scent that is calming to a great number of people.

Cajeput is an ingredient rich in turpentine that begs for a bit more introduction. This tree derivative treats headaches, toothaches, fungal infections, and joint pain. It pairs perfectly with camphor, which is likely effective in treating pain and irritation. After combining both with a THC and CBD medicated balm and you already may be in for great relief. Ceres takes it a step further however by including clove and mint in their mix. 

Clove is another powerhouse ingredient with a history going back for centuries as a treatment for toothaches, stress, and coughs. Its nature is antimicrobial as well as antifungal, and there are many more aspects to the essence. 

Finally, mint is rich in the familiar pinene and limonene. In medicinal settings, mint oil kills bacterial, soothe inflamed skin, and release muscle tension when massaged into the skin. Mint promotes easy breathing, calm moods, and deep relaxation. 

What Do These Ingredients Potentially Do For The Consumer?

While the cannabis industry accepts the effects of cannabinoids, learning about how terpenes affect the human body can be a bit more complicated. However, to picture the complex formula of Dragon Balm, read below. 

The terpenes and oils used in Dragon Balm mostly treat either headaches, pain, inflammation or a mix of these. Due to this, the combination of all of these ingredients causes profound relief for the body. Additionally, by pairing cold essences such as mint with warm essences such as clove, Dragon Balm achieves an icy hot sensation that penetrates deep into the skin.

When gently massaged into the body, Dragon Balm may be a rich source of relief for tension, pain, and aches. It’s a thick topical which goes a long way, so try it out here at Diamond Green for $20. Your body will thank you. This dragon slays all pains.

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Top 4 Best Selling Concentrates For Spring Currently At Diamond Green

Top 4 Best Selling Concentrates For Spring Currently At Diamond Green

The coming of spring means getting outside for errands and fun. Forget that, though. Life is for the living, and sometimes that just means binging another season of your favorite show from your cozy abode. Here at Diamond Green, we’re accepting of a variety of lifestyles, and are happy to supply a wide selection of products to enable you to be the best you. 

Dabs are a great way to kick your ass and get lost in the moment. While you can view our live menu to see all sorts of cannabis products, here are our four top-selling concentrates, perfect to get lit with this March!

Jamaican Chocolate Live Resin by Agro Couture

Although sour, rotting berries, might not sound delicious, the musky Jamaican Chocolate mixes them with coffee, incense, and mocha to make for a subtle taste. The strain is a kickass Sativa that will leave you thinking you smoked something much more psychedelic than your typical dab. It’s highly recommended for anyone looking to get stupid lit. 

Panda Berry by Bodhi High Farms

Produced with a holistic mindset Bodhi High Farm’s concentrates taste light and clean. Their Panda Berry concentrate is a rare strain that will get you ready to watch a movie or talk for hours. It’s got an earthy taste with spicey notes and accented by berry. While certainly relaxing, it may keep you up with bursts of uplifting energy. 

Obama Kush Diamonds by Desaus

Taking after the former president, Obama Kush is an aptly named indica strain that combines the best aspects of that term with getting roasted. After taking these dabs you’ll feel ready to give a speech as idealism floods through your mind, and your body relaxes. It’s a strain for winners, calling upon the spirit of one of the greatest Americans. The taste mixes pepper with citrine elements to create a light and fruity accent paired with a full body. It’s a tasty strain that melts pain and stress alike, which makes it perfect to share with friends! 

LA Cheese Shatter by Doc Croc

Finishing off our list is the excellent LA Cheese provided by Doc Croc. This strain will spoil you with hints of fruity cheesy and just a hint of pepper. The lineage of LA Cheese makes it an indica, but it has little resemblance to the typical knock-out. Instead, LA Cheese is invigorating and inspiring for many people, making it an ideal daytime dab to keep mellow on.

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Melt Away Your Washington Winter With Our 2020 March Vendor Days!

Melt Away Your Washington Winter With Our 2020 March Vendor Days!

Finally, the first spring of 2020 is coming, and soon winter will fade into the memory. March will see the seasons gradually change and welcome in many sunny days after a rainy start. Although it won’t be too cold, the entire month will be the perfect time to grab your cannabis product of choice from Diamond Green during our March vendor days. You won’t regret watching the rainfall on the window after eating one of the edibles available at our location. Throughout the month, our vendor days will help you score a sweet deal, and prepare for the sunny weather.

With several great farms coming in this month, it’s a perfect time to stock up on bud for spliffs. Welcome in the spring with a sativa strain or a bright hybrid. Search our live menu for cannabis strains rich in the terpenes terpinolene, limonene, and pinene.

Get outside when the sun starts to come in. For the rainy days at the beginning and end of March, stock up on some oil so you don’t have to go outside to smoke. Make sure to plan around our vendor days all month however, as all vendor sold products will be 20% off! Check-in with our live menu to see if your favorite products are available. 

March Vendor Days At Diamond Green

Two Heads March 6th

Starting off the month is Two Heads Company, a high-level cannabis grower who got their start in Oregon. Their focus is on premium, pesticide-free cannabis. 

NWCS March 9th

Washington State’s Northwest Cannabis Solutions is a cannabis company offering a slew of products including edibles, concentrates, and flower. They are headquartered nearby in Olympia, Washington.  

Mr. Grimm March 11th 

Mr. Grimm based out of Buckley Washington provides choice strains on the regular. From Do Si Do to Wedding Cake and GSC, Mr. Grimm has you covered. Their flower is worth the trip. 

Harmony Farms March 24th

Closing up the month, Harmony Farms is a Lacey, Washington based company that has partnered with AiroPro to offer a revolutionary vaping product. They also offer stellar flower and oil products.

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