Find Out If Cannabis Could Potentially Increase Your Sex Drive

Find Out If Cannabis Could Potentially Increase Your Sex Drive

Cannabis has seen calculable praise over the years as being a potentially “cure-all” medicine that is good for just about anything. These days, you’ll find cannabis products you’d never expect to be infused with THC and/or CBD. We use cannabis to treat cancer, as well as other severe diseases such as Chrons and Epilepsy. It’s no surprise that we’ve only become more curious over time about what all cannabis can benefit. So naturally, the question ends up arising—can cannabis increase your sex drive?

At some point in time, you’ve heard both sides of the story. Some will say that they were “too high” and couldn’t sexually perform and fell asleep. Others will say that the sometimes euphoric highs that cannabis may bring on really activates their inner lust. Cannabis has the ability to interact with endocannabinoid receptors all over your body to produce unique effects with each strain. So, it leaves us begging the question of to what extent these receptors can potentially produce relaxing, stimulating, pain-relieving, or weighty effects. 

What Does “Sex Drive” Imply?

Sex drive implies a lot of different aspects of intimacy. It often refers to the carnal desire to engage in intercouse, and, especially among men, it depicts overall sexual potency. In many cultures, men will consume exotic foods because they believe it will increase their virility and overall sexual performance. What we’re really referring to here is the libido aka sex drive. Some research has shown both sides; cannabis enhancing the experience for some, while decreasing it for others.

The Psychological Relaxation Of Cannabis

As mentioned, we have endocannabinoid receptors all over our body that respond to each cannabis strain differently. The THC and terpenes work together to produce unique, strain-specific cerebral effects. Some terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene even interact with our endocannabinoid system directly to add even more potentially anti-inflammatory effects. 

It’s these types of effects that cannabis may have that might work towards more enjoyable sex. With the strong potential for psychological relaxation, cannabis may chill your body and mind out just enough to set the mood. Some terpenes such as limonene hold stress relieving qualities that might also boost your confidence and remove performance anxiety.

Find Out If Cannabis Could Potentially Increase Your Sex Drive

The Physically Relaxing Qualities Of Cannabis

Cannabis has shown strong potential to relieve muscle tension and high blood pressure, which may help bring back more sexual potency. Those under immense stress often find themselves shying away from or completely avoiding intimacy. There are a lot of topical cannabis products available these days ranging from muscle melting salves, to infused lubes meant directly for intimacy. CBD has also risen as a popular infusion into topicals to also potentially produce anti-inflammatory effects.

There is no conclusive evidence suggesting that cannabis can increase your sex drive. But, we do know that it has the ability to relax the body and stimulate the mind. We also know that it may severely reduce anxiety and paranoia. All of these things amount to potentially putting you in the right mental state to engage in passionate worry-free intimacy.

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420: The History Behind The Legendary Number And Stoner Holiday

420: The History Behind The Legendary Number And Stoner Holiday

Since the month of April 2020 aka (4/20) won’t get its full glory due to the coronavirus, we thought it’d be nice to learn about the history of 420. Cannabis prohibition defined the rising cannabis industry over the decades, and with that came a dangerous atmosphere. Due to this, many people assume April 20th, the biggest holiday in cannabis culture, is tied to penal or police codes. While the real roots are edgy, they’re much more humble than one would expect. 

The popular fantasy of blunt smoking gangsters flying around dark cities in beautiful cars is a cornerstone of music videos featuring cannabis however, there’s an often underrated demographic within the weed world. Dorky highschoolers who sneak their biweekly hit out of a piece in the garage are their level of hardcore cannabis enthusiasts and the origin of the legendary 420. 

420: The History Behind The Legendary Number And Stoner Holiday

4:20 Everyday in San Rafael 

Public high school students in California may be unlikely criminals, but back in 1971 the “Waldos,” an informal club composed of five students, were always looking for mischief. They were the type of kids that were usually smoking under the bleachers; the outcasts.

After catching wind of cannabis abandoned by the Coast Guard, they agreed to meet up after school to smoke and look for the goods. As all of the students engaged in extracurricular activities, the best time for all of them to meet up was 4:20pm.

To remember this plan, the “Waldos” would remind each other by repeating the time whenever they happened to run into each other in the hallways. Over the months they never found that abandoned weed, but they retained the phrase as code. Phil Lesh, the bassist for the Grateful Dead, was eventually exposed to 420 through the older brother of one of “The Waldos”. 

420: The History Behind The Legendary Number And Stoner Holiday

After hearing the code, the Lesh would bring the phrase into the culture of the Grateful Dead, and eventually, the band would publish posters introducing people to the term. Since then, 420 has spread exponentially throughout the world, having cultural significance in countries that have still yet to legalize cannabis.

Myths and Odd Coincidences

The first time legendary scientists Albert Hoffman took LSD he dosed himself at 4:20. Maybe 4:20 just happens to be a great hour in the day to take psychedelics, but the “Waldos” weren’t consciously calling back to this event. 

They also certainly weren’t referencing the most famous person born on April 20th, Adolf Hitler. However, Bob Marley and Dylan Thomas were not born and did not die on April 20th. There are no cultural figureheads behind the holiday, not even Jimmy Hendrix. 

Instead, in yearly festivals from Vancouver to Amsterdam, millions light up on 4/20 to remember the daily tradition of a couple of high schoolers getting high after sports. It might not be the sexiest origin, but it’s one that truly represents the good-natured fun behind many peoples’ cannabis consumption. 

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Legendary Soul Singer/Songwriter Bill Withers Passes Away At Age 81 From Heart Complications

Legendary Soul Singer/Songwriter Bill Withers Passes Away At Age 81

In a 2014 interview, Bill Withers told Rolling Stone “I don’t think I’ve done bad for a guy from Slab Fork, West Virginia.” After being inducted to the Hall of Fame for classics such as “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Lean on Me,” Withers did well for a man born anywhere. On March 30th, he passed away due to heart complications.

His soulful albums brought him global acclaim. Having started writing music at 32, Withers was already a mature man when he entered the spotlight. Such composure allowed his music to have a powerfully direct appeal, he started as a voice who had found himself. Even though he was active for less than two decades, he maintains among the most influential of musicians. 

While Withers spent most of his life out of the public eye, the gift of his music is enough of an emotional treasure to have ever demanded more. His songs have gone on to define an era, and the sound, of American music. 

Bill Withers and John Legend

Like all great musicians, Withers’s talent is not limited to one country. The world let go of one of her great talents. People throughout the world will mourn his loss, as his powerful music is still able to reach all, young and old, through Wither’s richness of tone, and his fullness of emotion. 

Finally, at age 81, we lost Withers due to heart complications. Luckily, his talent is immortalized and will continue to be a quintessential part of American culture for generations to come. Still Bill is a perfect album to remember his energy at this time. 

Despite being so distant, Wither’s music left the impression of feeling like you knew the man or at least wanted to. A good-natured spirit portrayed him as a man who was hard to get to know, but worth doing so. 

From movies inspired by “Lean on Me” to musicians influenced by his sound, Withers has inspired innumerable artists and is truly a part of the American subconscious. We will continue to celebrate his talent as we always have, and his memory is still around to help us through the ongoing crisis.

Stream the Best of Bill Withers Playlist on Spotify

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Coronavirus: Everything We Know So Far And How It Relates To You

Coronavirus: Everything We Know So Far And How It Relates To You

We hope this finds you safe, well, and sane. There are so many emails saying that now with the coronavirus, but it’s honest. No one alive has experienced a crisis like the one is ongoing, so make sure to be kind to yourself and those that you interact with. 

On December 31st, 2020, Chinese health officials reported mysterious pneumonia cases in Wuhan to the World Health Organization. Those with it originally reported difficulty breathing, but their health was rapidly deteriorating. 

A week later, China announced COVID-19, aka coronavirus, as the origin of this outbreak. In the following months, hot zones of COVID-19 infection have broken out in Italy, and the United States of America. The virus has spread throughout the world. 

Now, all major events from the world of sports to music have been canceled. On an even wider scale, countries all over the world have closed their borders to combat the spread of the virus. The world hasn’t seen a pandemic this bad for over a century. 

In the face of this crisis, it’s paramount to stay calm, informed, and hopeful. The costs of COVID-19 are bleak to consider, but humans are built to survive. We at Diamond Green Tacoma have done our due diligence to bring you crucial information on the virus. 

How did COVID-19 Begin? 

There are several coronavirus strains in existence which affect species such as bats, camels, and cats. COVID-19 is one we care about because of cross-species mutation, or the ability of the virus to find another source than its host species. This virus started in another animal and then found a way to infect human beings. Often, when viruses do this they are relatively benign in their original host species and catastrophic in the fresh host. 

While we know that the first cases were in Wuhan, China and that several cases came from a single wet market. This is a market where they sell animal meat including bat and dog, sometimes alive, we do not know what the first case was. The origin is of natural origin, however, and not of unnatural design. Wet markets pose a serious threat to public health because they are an ideal environment for a virus to undergo a mutation that allows them to affect several species. 

Who Is At Risk From COVID-19? 

Most people who die from COVID-19 are over 50 years old, however, even people in their 20s and babies have died from the virus. A study showed that 20 percent of 20-44-year-olds required hospitalizations, 2-4 percent of which required ICU treatment. 

Older people are most at risk, along with the immunocompromised, those with asthma, and diabetes. Several other conditions are problematic. Yet, even young people cannot be without worry. Everyone can be affected by this condition, and until research develops treatment or a cure, it’s best to practice social distancing and isolation.

Is There A Vaccine?

Studies have been performed that such various levels of successful treatment of COVID-19 using existing medicines. New vaccines are in development too, however, vaccines usually take years to develop. Under these conditions, risks may arise from rushing production. Even if one does prove effective, the side effects will be unknown until the population is affected by them. 

We’re in a rock and a hard place, but developing a vaccine is a necessity for those most at risk from the virus. 

Social Distancing

People have called COVID-19 a great equalizer, and in one way it is. Every single person, from the president to a skateboarder, is a potential carrier of the virus. The virus commonly exists in the human body for 14 days before displaying symptoms, so many carriers are unaware they have it. 

Due to this, isolation is our best strategy against the spread of COVID-19. Without social distancing, death toll estimates in the United States were around 2 million. With effective social distancing, that estimate is 200,000. Hopefully, it can be lower. 

To effectively practice hygiene in this crisis, drink water and wash your hands. COVID-19 dies in the stomach, and through thorough handwashing. Additionally, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Wearing a mask when outside is especially recommended to limit the spread. 

Availability For Testing

COVID-19 tests have been limited since the beginning of the crisis. In America, COVID-19 treatment is expensive, and resources are strained. Unless you are exhibiting certain symptoms, there is little reason to get tested. Even some who are ill have struggled to be tested. 

If you’re sure you have the symptoms and need medical attention, go to the hospital. Otherwise, it’s best to ride it off. If doctors and police officers are getting sick from being around hospitals and those with the virus, it might be better to stay away.

How do I Know If I Have The Coronavirus?

There are a variety of symptoms of COVID-19, but the most common include a dry cough, a fever, and difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing these symptoms call your health care provider to get a plan in order. Doing so is requested by the authorities to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

How Does It Relate To The Cannabis Industry?

No industry is safe from COVID-19. While sales have continued throughout the pandemic, there have been lay-offs in the industry, and other sectors are hurting. Many vape producers relied on Chinese manufacturing. Additionally, the cancellation of shows and events means the loss of millions.

With a downbeat mood for April this year as a prophecy, cannabis centers will likely face challenges throughout 2020. Diamond Green Tacoma is still open though, and happy to serve you high-quality products throughout this emergency. Make sure to check out our live menu to see what’s available, and stay safe throughout this emergency. We will be temporarily closing at 9pm until further notice.

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Learn More About Useful Tips That May Help You Pass A Drug Test

Learn More About Useful Tips That May Help You Pass A Drug Test

Although cannabis is medically and recreationally legal in several states, and hemp is federally legal, drug tests still firmly exist. While even hemp-derived CBD products may result in testing positive for cannabis, some employers and institutions still use them as if they’re something trustworthy. In so many places across the U.S., you still may need to pass a drug test to get a job.

No matter if you have a cannabis card or not, testing positive for THC can still look bad to some due to the stigma against cannabis use. Learning how to avoid this unfortunate outcome is a paramount lesson for a modern stoner to learn.

Going in without a plan is a gamble. Maybe your genetics will serve you well, or maybe your weed wasn’t even mids, and nothing will show up. However, planning is safe comes down to two strategies: detoxification, and fraud. 

Detoxification As A Strategy To Pass A Drug Test

To properly detoxify the body you’re going to have to make your doctor happy. The best way to help your body get rid of THC is to work with the natural processes that flush out your system. These processes include urination, sweating, and digesting.

Drink Water

First up, you have to drink a lot of water. Like, too much water. Not enough to kill yourself, but well over your average. By hydrating your body incredibly well, you will force yourself to urinate. This process will clean your system of several things, including THC. Additionally, it keeps your body healthy, increasing its ability to deal with foreign substances in general.


Second, exercise is crucial especially for those of us who are sedentary. Our bodies store THC in fat cells. This fact contributes to THC staying in our systems for so long. Burning off that fat is an excellent way to get THC on its way out of your body, and off of your test results.


Finally, diet does wonders for cleaning your body out of THC. While fast-food and junk food drips with fat and ingredients that build it, healthy food helps you keep clean. Additionally, if you can induce a state of ketosis, your body will start to burn fat for energy. If paired with exercise, ketosis is an excellent strategy for getting rid of THC.

Apart from options available in food form, smoke shops and other places may have products that claim to be useful for detoxification. We understand that you need to keep your job, even if you love cannabis just as much as we do. There are different potentially useful kits and drinks available, although a healthy diet and time may be your best bet.

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Five Strains For Valentine’s Day That Get The Romance Flowing

Five Strains For Valentine’s Day That Get The Romance Flowing

There’s no doubt about it—cannabis is sexy. There are even studies proving cannabis enriches sexual encounters for women. People of all shapes and sizes love it for its relaxing nature, sensuality, and an increased presence. Specific cannabis strains may influence your sexual experience in a number of ways. Did we mention it’s Valentine’s Day?

Some people suffering from conditions that leave them dissociated or uninvolved also love cannabis to bring them back to the bedroom. It can potentially help with pain, anxiety, or self-image can help with bedroom performance, and cannabis is an effective tool for many in alleviating all of those things. This Valentine’s Day, make sure to stock up on something to impress your boo.

From topicals to flowers, and drinkables, there is a litany of cannabis products to help get you and your partner in the mood. Ideal products vary from couple to couple, but enhanced energy and sensitivity are excellent in the bedroom.

Products that focus on sensual experience and bringing the user into their body are also ideal for this time of year such as any of our topical products. We’ve put together a list of 5 strains available at Diamond Green to make your holiday one to remember. Make sure to check our live menu to confirm your product of choice is currently in stock. 

Five Strains For Setting The Mood This Valentine’s Day

Five Strains For Setting The Mood This Valentine's Day

Duct Tape

A great amount of sex appeal is held in a name, and for those who like to live on the kinky side, Duct Tape is a winner. Its racy high is sativa-dominant and a rush to experience, but perfect for some play. With the tasty piney chocolate diesel profile, it’s a natural bedroom strain for the adventurous. Use it to impress your wild one, and to pass out with them after consummating your love.

Gelato #33 

The happy relaxation that comes from smoking Gelato #33 is one of the best ways to unwind into a date, especially after work. Mellow vibes radiate through the body after use, and a cheerful mood takes over. This strain is ideal for flirting, and a good smoke to take it slow while building up to something. At $12 a gram, this strain is a strong contender for a post-sex smoke, or a bud meant to fuel deep conversations with someone special.

Wedding Cake by Lucky Devil Farms

A strain growing in popularity for its sweet taste and uplifting effects, Wedding Cake is a fun flower to buy for a session with a special someone. Of course, the name helps sell it, but a relaxing happy nature, this potent strain only requires a few puffs before getting down to business. 

Dutch Treat by Equinox Gardens

Class up your Valentine’s Day with this strain that is supposedly very common across Amsterdam coffeeshops. Dutch Treat is an incredibly sedative strain and a perfect way to end a night of heavily involved activity. It’s a tasty strain with hints of eucalyptus. 

Purple Punch by Cedar Creek Cannabis

For dinner, a chat, some time alone, and sleep, the Purple Punch strain is a hard strain to beat. With delicious hints of grape and blueberry, its easy on the palate, and opens up users to conversation and cuddling. With a joyful atmosphere, this is the strain for those comfortable with however the night goes. 

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The Top 4 Ways We Think People Are Consuming Cannabis In 2020

The Top 4 Ways We Think People Are Consuming Cannabis In 2020

No one wants to be left behind. Fashion has existed since the first person started doing something, and cannabis wasn’t the industry to buck the demands of such an event. Whether it’s painters smoking spliffs in their studios, patients with edibles, budtenders with their dab pens, or OG’s with their tinctures, every form comes with aesthetics, and all aesthetics gets judged. So what were the leading methods of consuming cannabis in 2020? According to numbers collected by BDS analytics, here’s what we can expect. These are the top four ways we think that people are consuming cannabis in 2020.

4. Dabbing

Within the last few years of cannabis legalization on the West Coast, the culture of dabbing has blown up. There are now countless options for glass rigs, bangers, special Q-tips, accessories, you name it! There have even become people that favor taking low-temperature dabs, versus people that like cold-start dabs. The innovations in cannabis concentrates have risen alongside this popularity and become as diverse as they have potent. At Diamond Green, we carry every kind of concentrate you could need. From shatter to rosin, budder, hash, wax, and live-resin we are always brimming with selections.

3. Gummy Candies

No surprise from the demographic guilty of inspiring the word “munchies”, stoners lover their sweets. Racking in almost $150 million in sales from January to May of 2019, gummy edibles dominated sales, far surpassing that of shatter, wax, or chocolate. This form of cannabis is popular with newcomers to the market, as low dose gummy edibles are one of the most common ways for people to get their first cannabis experience. They’re yummy, and controllable form of cannabis. Just make sure not to eat too much! Marmas from Magic Kitchen are the most popular gummy we sell at Diamond Green.

2. Vaping

Worth more than three times the market share gummy candies control, around $450 million worth of vape products were sold by May of 2019. This form of using cannabis is concealable, potent, and tasty. It’s arguably the most approachable form of consuming cannabis. While the vape crisis may have slightly soured the mood around vaping, it certainly has not stopped sales.

1. Flower 

King as always, there is no way to beat the cannabis plant. With over $750 million in sales from January to May of 2019, it’s obvious that the cannabis flower remains dominant. This is the way that the plant grows, and it’s the way that people are used to it. There’s no way that anything will be able to dethrone flower, at least not without some major shift in the industry standards or consumer demands. Read about the top strains at our store currently!

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