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These Five Cannabis Strains May Help Boost Creativity


Creativity isn’t something you can just do. Being creative takes a certain mindset that’s free from boundaries. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of help to break down those mental barriers. That’s when some people will turn towards cannabis for help.

Cannabis can help with creativity in a variety of ways. Some people find their anxiety to be too much; they spend way too much time thinking about whether society will accept their art or not. In this case, a relaxing indica strain may help. Others have difficulty brainstorming creative concepts and need a bit of a mental spark to get them going. This is where a nice euphoric sativa might be beneficial. Identifying the underlying reason why you’re using cannabis for creativity is your first step to finding your perfect strain.

Everybody responds to each strain differently, so your choice will always depend on your personal reaction. That being said, it’s pretty safe to assume how strains will affect you based on their terpene profiles. When looking to be creative, you’re going to want something with Limonene, Pinene, or Terpinolene in it. Basically, you want your cannabis to smell like you would polish your furniture with it. So, if it smells like the house was just cleaned, you’re on the right path.

As a jumping off point, we’ve put together our five favorite strains to potentially boost creativity. Many of these you can readily find at Diamond Green, but you should probably check our live menu regularly to stay up to date.

Five Cannabis Strains That May Boost Creativity

Blue Hawaiian by Mad Mark Farms

(Blueberry x Hawaiian sativa)

A balanced hybrid, Blue Hawaiian will make you feel at ease as if you were lying on the beaches of Maui. Your body will relax, easing any anxiety by lifting you up into a state of tropical euphoria. Mad Mark Farms is growing some of the most terpene-rich cannabis you could hope to find on the west coast. Read about three potent strains we carry from them here.

Allen Wrench by Artizen

(Trainwreck x NYC Diesel)

This one’s a heavy hitter. Not for the faint of heart, Allen Wrench is a buzzy, high-octane strain that can get even the laziest person to get up off the couch. This strain is usually incredibly pungent, filling the room with the smell of earthy gasoline.

Jackdawg by Mother Earth Farms

(Jack Herer x Chemdawg)

Both parents of this standout strain have famous lineages. Jack Herer was a famous cannabis advocate known for writing the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Chemdawg on the other hand can be traced back to a Grateful Dead tour in 1991 where Chemdawg, the man, came across the now legendary strain.

Golden Pineapple by Phat Panda

(Golden Goat x Pineapple Kush)

This tropical hybrid smells like a sour pineapple, and a popular strain currently. It’s tangy flavor produces an engaging and uplifting high. Golden Pineapple is perfect for getting into the creative mindset or even to simply start your day with. Phat Panda’s version of this strain is undeniably one of our customers’ favorites for a solid smoke day or night.

Dutchberry by Artizen

(Dutch Treat x DJ Short Blueberry)

Dutchberry smells like you could spread it on toast. It’s just as tasty too, boasting heavy berry and citrus notes. It’s equal parts relaxing and euphoric leading to creative sessions that know no boundaries.

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