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Cannabis Infused Ginger Beer by Evergreen Herbal: The Winter Drink For Cannabis Lovers


Winter is upon us and cold weather has arrived, making it tough to enjoy the simple pleasure of smoking outdoors. However, cannabis lovers are a resourceful breed, and a little cold weather won’t stop us from finding other ways to enjoy our bud. One way to do it, in perfect timing with the season, is by drinking Evergreen Herbal’s cannabis-infused Ginger Beer.

Make a winter spice Moscow Mule with this delicious drink, or a Christmas themed cocktail. Then, sit back and enjoy the relaxing effects of Evergreen Herbal’s take on this classic drink.

Blaze Sodas

Blaze cannabis infused Sodas
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Evergreen Herbal has several brands under the umbrella of its name. Blaze Sodas, which features the cannabis-infused Ginger Beer, has a variety of six flavors to choose from. Classic flavors like Root Beer, Old School Grape, Orange Cream Pie, and American Cola give the consumer a feeling of nostalgia, while the cannabis distillate gives them a rush of relaxation.

The products come with a resealable cap, so you can drink at your own pace, and a dosing ladder to let you know how potent the high will be. These sodas come available in 30mg and 100mg doses.

The Evergreen Herbal Ginger Beer

Evergreen Herbal’s Blaze sodas are made with potent distillate and pure cane sugar. The drink comes in a decorative glass bottle, adding to the nostalgic feel. You can identify each drink with its colorful packaging. One serving might leave you feeling uplifted and energetic. A few servings might potentially leave you with a deep, full-body relaxation perfect for getting through family holiday gatherings. Drink this product on its own, or add it to your favorite cocktail to create a wintery cannabis concoction.

If you want to find out where to buy this product, or just want a little more information, click here to go to Evergreen Herbal’s official website and discover all of their products.

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