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Edibles 101: How Long To Wait Before The Effects Kick In


Edible cannabis products provide users with the ability to not only discreetly consume the herb but also meter their doses. In Washington State, the limit on cannabis edibles is 10mg of THC (or less) per edible. This limits edibles to typically contain 100mg of THC total per pack. There is a multitude of options available on the market for edibles that range from classic brownies and cookies to mints, seltzers, lemonades, and more. With many people still turning to cannabis for the first time as more and more states legalize it, it’s important to cover the basics. Namely, edibles, and how long it takes before the effects typically kick in.

Different Sorts of Edibles and Their Timing

The exceptions are water-soluble cannabinoids, which are different because they can act much faster. By being water-soluble, they can be absorbed directly either through the mouth, as a tablet would be, or quickly through consumption. Water-soluble molecules can be directly used by the body and don’t need to be processed by the stomach into available material. 


However, most edibles on the market are oil-soluble, and they’re where people make mistakes by underestimating how heavy they’re going to hit. Effects from oil-soluble cannabinoids might be felt in 45 minutes, but it’s more likely to kick in around an hour and a half after ingesting an edible. Even if it hasn’t hit by then, make sure to wait before eating more. It’s important to take your edibles in increments. Wait up to 2 to 3 hours before redosing.

Ceres’s Dark Espresso Bites are a nice gradual introduction to cannabis edibles and $20 for 100mg before tax. Doozie’s Marionberry fruit chews are $40 a 10 pack before tax and are 40:1 CBD:THC, so they might be more likely to potentially help you pass out. No matter what you decide, gauge how edibles affect you in a safe environment, practice patience, and wait to see what happens. 

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