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Get Your Favorite Cannabis Concentrates For A Fraction Of The Price This 7/10 During Diamond Green’s OIL Day Sale

Image via @pigmanx on IG

7/10 is this Friday! The day that spells OIL upside-down has become one of the newer stoner holidays to rival 4/20. Dabbers everywhere unite on this day to blaze up and revel in the advances in extraction technology. At Diamond Green, we abide by the holiday and have a solid list of discounts on cannabis concentrates you can benefit from. Each item we’re featuring has become a mainstay at Diamond Green for either affordability, effectiveness, or a combination of the two. 

Dabbing is a newer way of consuming cannabis that’s become popular in the wake of legalization. As extraction companies rise to the occasion, there are several different types of cannabis concentrates to choose from. A few include shatter, rosin, live resin, batter, budder, sugar, wax, diamonds and sauce, and hash. Each of these shines a different light on the strain-specific qualities of each strain they extract from.

The most effective way to dab is with a rig and a quartz banger. We have options for these at the shop that you can purchase to get everything you need. Be sure to avoid high temperatures, and maybe try cold-start dabbing to bring out the most flavor. Vape pens are your next best bet for discreetness and complete mobility in your tokeage. 

The sales below are in place while supplies last. Feel free to call ahead later in the day to check on what’s still in stock. This 7/10, grab a few of your favorite cannabis concentrates and hop on a Zoom call with all of your best friends. Go take a dab out in the yard, or bring your vape pen to the beach. No matter how you’re celebrating 7/10, make sure to avoid hot dabs and maintain social distancing!

Image via Smokey Point Instagram

Diamond Green 7/10 Cannabis Concentrates Sale

$15 Smokey Point Dabs

$15 Snicklefritz Dabs

$24 Cedar Creek Dabs

$30 Rocket Cannabis 1g Carts

$30 Lefties Carts

$20 Sub Ohm Tankers

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