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Diamond Green Budtender Picks Of The Month—The Results Are In!


The results are in for another installment of Diamond Green’s budtender picks of the month. We think it’s important to let our customers know what our budtenders have been enjoying lately. After all, they have the opportunity to sample a wider variety of product at our store so they tend to never stay stuck on one brand.

Our budtender picks aren’t necessarily reflective of the types of cannabis products that get you crazy high. Some of our budtenders go for products rich in CBD that offer medical benefits. This month we’ll be hearing from Amelia, Aubs, and Mark on what has been doing the trick for them as of late. Keep your eyes on our live menu for any new products arriving almost daily!

Budtender Picks of The Month


Dragon Balls by Ceres

Diamond Green Budtender Picks Of The Month—The Results Are In!Amelia came back raving about these delicious dark chocolate caramel balls by Ceres. She said they give you a super focused high after only one or two of the treats. She highlighted that they have a deliciously spicy kick that works well with the dark chocolate. No doubt this comes from the ghost pepper they’ve expertly spinkled on top of each of these delicious Dragon Balls.

Zkittles Cartridge by Bodhi High

Diamond Green Budtender Picks Of The Month—The Results Are In!Bodhi High is really paving the way for the future of vape cartridges. These carts have a variable airpath control that makes you able to take bigger or smaller pulls. Amelia said the Zkittles cart had a clean hit, no cough, was long lasting, and always gave a full-body high. This strain is perfect for keeping you active throughout the day.


Croc Tears CBD

Diamond Green Budtender Picks Of The Month—The Results Are In!Doc Croc makes a killer CBD distillate that comes in a syringe for oral consumption or dabbing. Aubs said she drops a few of Croc Tears CBD by Doc Croc on her tongue and it gives her an awesome psychoactive high. She also said it works great for pain relief for her fibromyalgia and migraines.


White Widow by Doc Croc

Mark gave a firm affirmation of this classic strain for his pick of the month. Everyone knows about this notorious hybrid strain that came to fame in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Doc Croc gracefully cultivates a White Widow strain that’s up to snuff, and is great for relaxing at the end of the night.

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