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Learn More About The Sedative Effects Of The Fruity Brandywine Strain


By bravely mixing Grandpa’s Breath with Pink Champagne, Dungeons Vault Genetics released another winner with the Brandywine strain. Dungeons Vault is a low-key genetics company out of the Pacific Northwest. Their strains top several award lists.

Brandywine is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet smell. Taking after Pink Champagne, fruit flavors like grape and citrus define the hit. The earthy nature of the strain remains apparent, yet not too thick. It packs notes of rose and honey.

More subtle than other strains, Brandywine encourages relaxation while not being overwhelming. Instead, it slides over the user in an even blanket, slowly spreading through the body and releasing tension. Light sparks of euphoria and happiness come throughout the high as Brandywine brings its users to a place of contentment and safety.

This strain can potentially be used to treat insomnia, but it’s not as heavy as other strains. For those who want to pass out, other high power indica strains will offer a better experience. Otherwise, for those who want to relax—look no further. Like countless top strains, Brandywine can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Those who decide to use this strain should make sure to remain hydrated. Eyedrops aren’t an unwelcome tool when lit off the Brandywine.

Brandywine Strain by Khush Kush

Learn More About The Fruity Sedative Effects Of The Brandywine Strain

Featuring sizable dark olive buds, Brandywine is as pretty as it smells. Amber hairs thread through the dense buds and a thick layer of lavender trichomes frosts the plant. Considering the wonderful effects of this strain, and its attractive appearance, it’s no wonder why Khush Khush’s Brandywine was the #1 Indica Strain at the 2017 DOPE Awards in Seattle, Washington.

Seeds are rare to come by, and it takes about 8-9 weeks to grow Brandywine. For stress relief, pain relief, and fatigue, Brandywine is a choice strain. The effects aren’t too tiring, the taste is sweet, and it’s an excellent strain to share.

Find The Brandywine Strain At Diamond Green

Khush Kush is one of our favorite brands at the shop. They work with highly potent cultivars and have been featured on VICE. They produce a commendable Brandywine strain that will knock your socks off. Ask about Khush Kush’s products next time you stop in to learn more.

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