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Blue Dream 101: The History Behind A Truly Legendary Strain


Blue Dream is like the popular kid in class, everybody likes it. It’s well-mannered in the garden, treats people well after consumption, and is consistent at that. As a cross between an indica and a sativa, this hybrid is the perfect balance between mental and physical stimulation.

Speculation has put the origins of this laudable strain somewhere in Northern California. Part of what’s made it so popular is the fact that it’s so easy to cultivate. Blue Dream can thrive in a variety of climates, growing quickly and yielding a large amount on average. The blue in Blue Dream comes from the indica strain, Blueberry, which as you would expect produces a sweet berry aroma. A calm wave will wash over your body, relieving stress and tension from your muscles.

The dreamy aspect comes from the hazy sativa that lifts you into a state of euphoria. The cerebral stimulation is enough to have you contemplating the issues of the world without sending you into a state of anxiety.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream 101: The History Behind A Truly Legendary StrainEvery single person reacts differently to cannabis, so the effects you feel might be different than what the average user experiences. However, Blue Dream is highly praised for its consistent production of a nice balanced high. Although, with its increased popularity, the industry has started seeing new phenotypes on the market that have started to lean more towards the indica side of the spectrum.

Visually, Blue Dream usually has a nice earthy green color to it, lightened up by a layer of trichomes covering the entire bud. Vibrant orange pistils contrast with the green making each nug look like a fine piece of art.

Regardless of the phenotype, Blue Dream is like the Aspirin of the cannabis world. It’s good for relieving a plethora of everyday problems. From feeling blue, to feeling your knees get old, a few puffs of this strain will reset any bad day.

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