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The Black Mamba Strain May Strike You With A Deadly Yawn


2020 is tough, but silver linings come along eventually. Finally, Kobe Bryant has been inducted into the basketball hall of fame. The reward almost seems redundant for the late and great basketball player, but it is certainly deserved. To sap away some of the pain, we suggest the devilishly potent Black Mamba strain. Much like the deadly Black Mamba snake, this strain may have poisonously sedative effects.

Perhaps with a lineage including Granddaddy Purp, and Black Domina, the Black Mamba strain’s dark green dense buds exude a decadent aroma. The flavor of the strain is potent grape, making for a smooth hit. Rolled up or in a piece, smoking this bud just feels extravagent.

With a potentially uplifting high at first, Black Mamba gets you ready to go. The exultant cerebral effects may hit quick and might get you feeling ready for a whole day..but then the mamba strikes. Suddenly that burst of limitless energy may yield to a radiating relaxation. Users report it may be wonderfully effective in treating pain, depression, and anxiety. 

After getting washed over with the potential sedative effects of Black Mamba, it’s hard to get up. Perfect for ending the day or watching several hour-long movies, this strain may boost your couch potato behavior. 

While dealing with this year, and while dealing with the loss of the American hero Kobe Bryant, there is no correct answer. Black Mamba is a potent indica-dominant hybrid which is easy to suggest for most smokers, but whatever your preference, make sure to check our live menu to see what’s available.

Find The Black Mamba Strain At Diamond Green

Two life-long friends, Peter Drummen and Mike Spady came together to make the SpadyBud brand. While Drummen is a powerful force in the business world, Spady designs their cannabis. Over years of growing with different methods, Spady’s enthusiasm left him on the cutting edge of cannabis cultivation.

Now he grows strains like SpadyBud’s Black Mamba completely organically and in a clean environment. Spady stays on top of the research and thus creates some of the most desirable strains on the market. Pick up their products at our Tacoma location today for an organic, and impressive, high. 

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