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Learn More About Black Label Cannabis—Veteran-Owned And Operated

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Black Label Cannabis is a Tacoma brand that stays humble, yet speaks volumes with their formidable cannabis products. With deep roots in the local community, they work hard to build better trust and maintain their humility. On top of that they’re completely veteran-owned and operated, with their staff accounting for over 44 years of military service.

There are little to no veterans that come back from service without any form of lingering anxiety or PTSD. Unsurprisingly, many of them become addicted to opioids or prescription drugs given to them by the VA. As a result, many veterans are turning to cannabis products to find a natural solution to ease their mental or physical pain. Black Label Cannabis brings in these veterans who believe in freeing the herb to grow phenomenally stinky nugs.

In a militaristic style, they have their cannabis products split into three ranks—Red, Black, and Gold Label. With each tier Black Label brings a different style of growing to the table, to produce varying quantities or qualities of buds. They’ll be visiting our humble store in Tacoma on June 28th, a Friday, so be sure to come in and ask any questions you may have. Not to mention, you score a sweet 20% off any Black Label Cannabis products during their vendor day.

Red Label

Learn More About Black Label Cannabis—Veteran-Owned And OperatedThe most affordable tier of Black Label’s operation, the Red Label brand of cannabis is great for rolling up blunts or big joints. They grow all of their Red Label cannabis in a greenhouse environment, utilizing the rays from the sun.

Black Label

Learn More About Black Label Cannabis—Veteran-Owned And OperatedThis is the flagship line of cannabis products from Black Label. For this line of potent strains they grow it all indoors, in order to better control the growing environment. By doing this they get some of the highest terpenes and THC for a considerably democratic price.

Gold Label

Learn More About Black Label Cannabis—Veteran-Owned And OperatedThis is the primo stuff. Also grown indoors to maximize control, this is Black Label’s artisan line of exotic cannabis strains. If you’re looking for luxury or something a little more potent in flavor and effect, look no further. Black Label does a splendid job of giving their consumers options for how seriously they’re trying to smoke.

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