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The Sour Pastry Flavors Of The Biscotti Strain Might Bring You A Luxurious And Enlivening High


The Biscotti strain is another low-key celebrity from the Cookies Fam. This heavy hitter comes from crossing Gelato #25 with South Florida OG. Mixing together outrageous sweetness and pure gas, the Biscotti strain is definitely worth trying. Berner’s Cookies brand is now available in Washington, but many of his strains have already been up here for a minute. They’re just grown by different breeders trying to capture its skunky essence. Oaky cookie aromas emanate from this gassy cultivar.

Looking at a prime cut of the Biscotti strain will be pretty exciting for any fan of exotic cannabis. The dense nugs have a rich dark green color that has purple accents and shockingly orange pistils. You might get distracted by the outlandish amount of trichomes that coat it from head-to-toe. Cracking a nug open feels like snapping wet wood, as more skunky sweetness erupts from within. 

There is no lab data to tell us exactly what the dominant terpenes are for the Biscotti strain. Looking at the parent genetics though gives some hint at what they might be. My best guess is there is a presence of limonene and caryophyllene, as well as myrcene. The high octane stank of this strain has a strong potential to come from myrcene and caryophyllene working together. The cookie-like sweetness could be the combination of the funky, earthy terps mixing with the fruity citrus of limonene.

Smoking on some of this strain might have you on cloud 9. This is the exact type of potent indica-leaning hybrid that many cannasseurs seek out for its heady effects. A few puffs might have your head buzzing with enlivening feelings as the high wraps around you like a heavy coat. Those needing a break from chronic pain, anxiety, stress, or insomnia might benefit from smoking on some of the Biscotti strain.

Find The Biscotti Strain At Diamond Green

THC Farms does a superb job of extracting a strong cut of the Biscotti strain into wax form. Considering the popularity and quality of these genetics, you can pick these dabs up for an affordable $20/1g before tax. Get ready for a potential thrill ride of terps and tantalizing effects.

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