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Check Out The Wide Variety Of Pre-Rolls At Diamond Green +Staff Favorites!


At Diamond Green we are proud to host an expansive selection of pre-rolls for our customers. With the legalization of recreational cannabis certain forms of consumption have gone up in popularity. Pre-rolls have quickly become a go-to for many people such as tourists looking for something that only needs to be lit, and those that only smoke now and again. With the rise in popularity of pre-rolls they’ve began concocting even crazier products such as oil-infused, or kief dusted joints.

This burst of consumer want for pre-rolls of varying price, quality, and even size has been answered by the industry with more options than you can shake a stick at. This is why we thought it’d be useful to provide a list of some of our top-sellers in each price category. We’ve also put in some of the staff’s favorites so you can see what the regular-smokers are chiefing on! You can view our full menu on Leafly that we regularly update to find all the gassy pre-rolls we offer at Diamond Green.

Best Bang For Your Buck

There’s nothing wrong with picking up a couple cheap joints for the road. Whether you’re a casual smoker or balling on a budget, there’s a plethora of affordable choices for pre-rolls at Diamond Green. Some of the best brands for getting potent product at a fair price include Khush Khush’s 2-pack of .5g joints for $10, Rocket Cannabis 2-pack for $7, Kali Products, Sticky Budz, and Deepwater Botanicals. Any of the latter brands offer full gram joints for under $6.

Check Out The Wide Variety Of Pre-Rolls At Diamond Green +Staff Favorites!Mid-Level

If you smoke pretty regularly and are looking for something more potent and slightly higher in price-point, we got you covered. Some pre-rolls customers grab frequently in the mid-level category range from $6-10 in cost for a full gram joint. Regular favorites are Cedar Creek, Solstice, Doghouse, Landrace Labs, Topshelf, and Phat Panda. The Golden Pineapple by Phat Panda in particular is a crowd favorite with our customers.

Check Out The Wide Variety Of Pre-Rolls At Diamond Green +Staff Favorites!Top Shelf

These are the cream of the crop. The pre-rolls for the experienced smokers, or those looking to get veritably stoned. These pre-rolls can range anywhere from $10-18 in price but come packed with the highest quality buds each brand can offer. You’re sure to get complete customer satisfaction from Freddy’s Fuego, Willie’s Reserve, Sitka, From The Soil, Soulshine, and Artizen.

Check Out The Wide Variety Of Pre-Rolls At Diamond Green +Staff Favorites!Staff Favorites

Undoubtedly our staff is familiar with most, if not all of our current products. They set out to make sure they get a little taste of everything. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re only reaching for top-shelf products, as everyone has their own level of tolerance, and budget. These picks reflect a solid variety. Our staff said some of their go-to pre-rolls come from Twisters, Doghouse, Khush Khush, Freddy’s Fuego, and Sitka’s Fat Bastard pre-rolls in particular. Be sure to scope some of these fire selections next time you visit our store!

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