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Meet Aubree—Veteran Budtender At Diamond Green And Medical Cannabis Savant


At Diamond Green we take great pride in having above excellent staff. All of our budtenders come from diverse backgrounds and life-experiences that have led them to the cannabis industry and our humble shop. Today we’re putting the spotlight on one of our lead budtenders, Aubree (Aubs,) who’s been working with us for a while now.

It’s a common misconception that everyone who works in the cannabis industry does so purely because they love to get high. While this may be the case for some, a very serious amount of people approach cannabis use for medical reasons. A myriad of allergies exist in this world, and many bodies don’t respond well to various drugs prescribed by doctors. For this reason, cannabis has become the solution to many seeking holistic treatment. Read more about Aubree below and her journey to working in weed.

Meet Aubree—Veteran Budtender At Diamond Green And Medical Cannabis SavantHow Did You First Come Into Contact With Cannabis?

When Aubree was 16 she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Although treatments exist to lessen this condition, it can’t be fully cured. The only ways to treat this condition from a doctoral standpoint include opiate medications, therapy, and stress-reduction exercises. Aubree then found out she was allergic to largely all pain medication and made the decision to seek holistic options.

Around this time Washington was legally enrolling medical cannabis patients so Aubree got her card and began growing several plants for personal use. This then led to a pipe and bong shop she opened with friends amidst working at medical cannabis shops in Arlington, WA. When the recreational law came into effect Aubree knew this was her next step. She then moved south to Tacoma and came to us at Diamond Green and the rest is history.

How Long Have You Worked At Diamond Green?

After several years as a medical patient, and medical dispensary worker, Aubree knew recreational was the next big move. With ample experience and knowledge about the healing power of cannabis, hiring Aubs was a no-brainer. For over three years she’s been serving up quality customer service and product recommendations to customers. She’s since become one of our top salespeople and favorite among our regular clientele.

What Are Your Go-To Products At The Store?


Aubree loves dabs, of all kinds, really. Some of her favorites come from Two Heads or Freddy’s Fuego. She also brought up her firm love of the Solstice Marmalade CBD oil. Dabbing CBD is a great way to reduce bodily pain without getting incredible stoned.

Learn About One Of Our Lead Budtenders, Aubree, And Her Fave Products At DG!Flower

When it comes to flower, who doesn’t enjoy a couple bong rips or a tightly rolled joint? Aubs reports that Growing Like a Weed (GLW) is by far her favorite brand to take rips off her bong of. In particular she made note of the Pudding and Silver Tip being her preferred GLW strains currently. Peep this Silver Tip bud below and try not to let your mouth water.

Learn About One Of Our Lead Budtenders, Aubree, And Her Fave Products At DG!GLW is producing some of the finest quality cannabis being grown out of Spokane in the current i502 market.


Being that Aubree seeks medicinal aid from cannabis for her fibromyalgia, CBD products are winners every time. Lately Aubs said she’s been reaching for CBD-enriched products from Fairwinds.
Learn About One Of Our Lead Budtenders, Aubree, And Her Fave Products At DG!Their PTSfree capsules and F.E.C.O.  are reliable concoctions that give her proper pain and stress relief every time. The advancement and saturation of CBD products in the last year alone further legitimizes its rise as an alternative pain relief medicine.

Learn About One Of Our Lead Budtenders, Aubree, And Her Fave Products At DG!Look for all these products and more on our Leafly menu!

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