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Diamond Green’s April Vendor Days & 4/20 In-Store Deals

Photo by Dyllyn Greenwood

The month of April is here and Spring has finally sprung. It’s reaching that fun time of the year in the PNW where everyone starts to get out and celebrate the sun. What better way to kick off your Spring season than with some sweet deals on a number of top-shelf cannabis brands at our shop? Additionally, the notorious stoner holiday of 4/20 is rapidly approaching this weekend and we want you to be ready with ample kush goodies!

Throughout the month of April going into May we will have a few of our most popular brands visiting the shop for vendor days. During any of our April vendor days we’ll have a sleek 20% off deal applicable to any product from the brand we’re featuring in the store. Our regular scheduling for vendor days during the week is from 3-6pm, and 11-12pm if it falls on a Saturday. During this time you can come in and snag a deal and talk with a prevalent Washington cannabis brand about everything they do.

Aside from the stellar vendors visiting the store this month, it’s also worth mentioning the crazy deals we have going on 4/20 so you can celebrate properly. During the day of 4/20 we will also be hosting Snowcrest for an informative and engaging vendor day. Take a gander at all the brands visiting our store during the month of April. Then, feast your eyes on the incredible deals you can score during the infamous holiday this Saturday.

April Vendor Days

—4/20 Snowcrest

—4/26 GLW (Growing Like A Weed)

—5/3 Bodhi High

4/20 In-Store Deals

Before you stop into our shop, take a moment to look over our Live Menu for any updates on products. We’ll be running the above deals on the products mentioned while supplies last.

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