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The Results Are In: April Budtender Picks Of The Month

Photo by @happyhippiewife on IG for ZoZ

Congratulations on getting through April! Coronavirus or not, spring is here, and it’s time to at least enjoy some sunshine, even in the yard. Now more than ever, it’s a good idea to stock up on your favorite cannabis products to lessen your visits to the store. Our April budtender picks are sure to contain some of your favorites.

At Diamond Green, we’ve been enjoying the change of seasons, and we’ve picked our favorite products for you to try out! Check out our live menu for all of your options, but otherwise, here’s how we suggest celebrating spring. These are our coveted April budtender picks of the month.

Sacred GG4

There’s no way to go wrong with GG#4 as it’s been an absolute winner for thousands of stoners across the country. The caryophyllene and limonene strain is a potentially relaxing delight with just enough life to make any day gold. It’s especially recommended for those that want to stay down to earth. 

Zkittlez Distillate by Two Heads

For those looking to have a crazy day, or just straight up pass out, Two Head’s Skittlez Dab Syringe is a must-try for only $35. Their delicious dabs will keep you coming back for the flavor but light you up with their potency. Easy to use, and tasty as can be, the Skiddlez are lovely. 

Og Mint Cartridge by Hellavated

Everyone with a sensitive palate has to try Hellevated Og Mint Cart. This potent and clean cart will get you lit without leaving anything sticking in your mouth and is nothing if not convenient. 

Spiked Punch by Western Cultured

A mellow indica like few others, Spiked Punch can be a wonderful day time strain. During the quarantine, it’s the perfect blend of sedative and uplifting effects to keep moods up, and energy management. 

Purple Cat Piss by ZoZ

If you want a day to pass by in a haze with a few friends, then ZOZ’s Purple Cat Piss Kief Blunt will get you there. For $25 this blunt will destroy you and your friends, even if you’re pretty sure your tolerance is already up there. Veteran stoners only, unless you’re comfortable continually coughing. 

Photo by @mjleaves on IG

LA God’s Gift Joints by Freedon

And finally, for those looking for an approachable option, LA God’s Gift joints by Freedom are a steal for $8 apiece. These tasty and potent pre-rolls are as tasty as they are effective. Anyone can pick some up for a great high.

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