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The Animal Gas Strain Combines Classic Sweet Gassy Flavors With New Cookies Genetics


The Animal Gas strain is the perfect indica-leaning hybrid to make it through the cold months in Washington state. This heavy-hitter is another admirable creation from Seed Junky Genetics that crosses Chemdog 91 with Animal Cookies. The Cookies genetic line has shown us a laundry list of crowd favorites that might produce some of the most in-your-face highs around. The Animal Gas strain is another challenger entering that same formidable arena. 

Looking at the Animal Gas strain, you can see the nug’s hybrid balance between indica and sativa by its shape and color. The nugs run a little more skinny and conal, while they hold plenty of purple, bushy accents. The smell on the nose is quite gassy until small notes of lemony vanilla sweetness come towards the end. This is truly the perfect blend of new school and old school genetics. Chemdog 91 lovers will find familiarity with this strain, while the younger Cookies-loving crowd will still find it attractive. The dense coating of trichomes alone will entice any cannabis-lover in.

There are no lab reports on the dominant terpenes for the Animal Gas strain. The gassy garlic flavor that comes together with some sweet vanilla notes hints at this strain’s potential to produce a lively euphoric high. Those seeking a strain that will give you some exotic flavors and a potentially eye-widening yet relaxing high should consider this strain. The newer Cookies flavor might be the perfect new addition to the known performing quality of Chemdog 91.

Animal Gas Strain by Freddy’s Fuego

Freddy’s Fuego is known for producing some of the stinkiest and most potent cannabis flower in Washington state. Those looking for a top-shelf experience should give Freddy’s a try for this increasingly popular take on the Cookies genetic line. Visit our online menu to check inventory levels and place an order for pickup.

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