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AK-47 Is A Classic Sativa Hybrid That Will Energize You All Day

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If you can still remember when legalization came to Washington State, the AK-47 strain was one of the first sativa-dominant hybrids to make it big. Afghani, Colombian, Mexican, and Thai varieties co-mingled to create this reliable cultivar. When people were still learning about the diverse effects of cannabis, this strain stood out. It was an easy and accessible daytime smoke that guaranteed energy and strong cerebral effects to cannabis consumers new and old. If you’ve ever had this strain in a concentrate or cartridge, you know it gets you lit like a Christmas tree.

AK-47 has the appearance of a true sativa flower. Looking at it, you’ll notice a combination of long, skinny, yet dense nugs that boast a vibrant green flower with electric orange pistils. An even coating of trichomes twinkle as you break apart the willing specimen. The smell is a mixture of sour and sweet swirling together with a strong earthy gas aroma that curl into a slightly cheesy finish. Despite lower THC percentages, this strain hosts a myriad of classic “high” traits, along with a veritable kick in the ass to keep your day productive.

The main terpenes coming to play with this strain are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Although myrcene is the dominant terpene, the caryophyllene really shows up to crash the party with a spicy jolt of energy and stimulating mental effects. Myrcene and pinene work together to create the floral, fruity sweetness in AK-47 that lend to relaxing, and what many consider being classically high. Caryophyllene comes stomping in though to add an earthy spice that influences crazy euphoric feelings that are positive and uplifting to the psyche.


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The specific medical benefits of the AK-47 strain are hallmark sativa effects. Euphoria, relaxation, motivation, and potential depression aid unite as one to make you feel high, yet motivated. If you’re the creative type, this strain has also become popular for those seeking a mental jumpstart. Not to mention it won’t quiet you down in social situations like some heavier indica strains can.

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