It’s 4/20/20! Learn More About Diamond Green’s Upcoming 420 Deals

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Despite current events, we are days away from one of the most important holidays in the cannabis world. 420, April 20th, has become a worldwide phenomenon, and this year marks 420 lasting all month (4/20/20.) Even if the coronavirus is keeping us indoors, we can still offer some incredible 420 deals.

Here at Diamond Green Tacoma, we won’t upset tradition even in the time of a crisis. If we can’t go outside, we can still fly while getting higher than we have any business of getting. Although we are currently closing at 9 PM in response to the crisis, our 4/20 Sale will be ongoing all day. Check out our live menu to see your full list of options.

420 Deals At Diamond Green

It's 4/20/20! Learn More About Diamond Green's Upcoming 420 Deals

$3 Joints from Hometown Herbs

Enjoy craft cannabis from Hometown Herbs for only $3 apiece. These smokes are sure to get you blazed and delight your palate. With an even hit and choices such as Blue Dream and Wedding Cake, these pre-rolls are an obvious pick up for immediate satisfaction. 

$25 1g carts from Venom

Mixing pure distillate oil with natural terpenes, Venom provides reliable quality vape carts. These carts will get you lit for an excellent price point.

$10 Dabs Smokey Point

Based out of Arlington, Washington, Smokey Point continues to supply top-quality dabs to our Tacoma location. Growing plants in a clean environment with beneficial ecosystems and using tea as fertilizer, Smokey Point displays a masterful level of finesse. 

$20 3.5g from Jackpot

At less than $6 a gram, this deal is a no brainer for a serious 420 celebration. Toke well, and toke often. 

30% off Airo Pro 1/2g Carts

We feature a wide selection of Airo Pro 1/2g carts so every vape enthusiast is sure to be happy with this deal. With sativas, indicas, and hybrids, there’s something for everyone! 

$30 Sub Ohm Tanker with Aspire Battery

Rounding off our list is the Sub Ohm Tanker featuring the luxurious Aspire Battery for only $30. If you pick this up you’ll stay lit for more than 4/20. 

Enjoy whatever you choose responsibly, and happy holidays. We look forward to meeting all your cannabis needs. 

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