The Earthy Sweet Josh D OG Strain May Lighten Your Mood And Relax Your Body

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The Josh D OG strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that has the potential to provide a pleasant euphoric high. It may be the perfect mood-lifting strain during the coronavirus quarantine. Make sure to order it online through our live menu for the best wait time due to the oddity of the pandemic, however. 

Featuring a three-way mixing of SFV OG, Triangle Kush, and Hell’s Angels OG, Josh D OG is a potent kushy strain that can lay a smoker out. Its burnt smoke smell matches its mature, burnt sweet earth smell.

Even without a drink, Josh D OG has a potentially sleepy and euphoric high. One that may be perfect to melt into the couch and forget the day. With effects that may help with inflammation, pain, nausea, and insomnia, the impact of the strain is much needed for many suffering from bedsores. 

This particular strain is a solid social strain due to the strong mellow vibe one might get from using it. Few strains may do better to get you through being locked in the house. From playing undemanding video games to listening to the music of the late and brilliant Bill Withers, Josh D OG is the strain to kill time with and potentially relax the body. 

The Earthy Sweet Josh D OG Strain May Lighten Your Mood And Relax Your Body

Find The Josh D OG Strain At Diamond Green

Excellence requires precision, and Rocket Cannabis insists on it. From the start, Rocket Cannabis is meticulous in their seed selection to ensure quality. They select for strains based on resin, consistency, smell, and many other choice attributes. While this ensures extra work, such discipline allows their strains like Josh D OG to flourish. 

Their facilities pack powerful HVAC systems that allow them excellent environmental control over their custom hydroponic grow system. After each harvest, they dissemble their grow rooms and all of their equipment goes through a high-temperature dishwasher. Consider their offering of the strain on your next visit.

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