The Jungle Cookies Strain May Soothe The Savage Beast Inside Us All


What’s better to do with a day indoors than smoke some grass that leaves your glasses a little rosy? Smoking the Jungle Cookies cannabis strain may potentially leave you laid out under thick waves of relaxation and positivity. Although it’s an indica strain, energy spikes come throughout the lifetime of the high, bringing an uplifted mood over the user. 

For taste, Jungle Cookies depends on its parents, Girl Scout Cookies, and Jungle Kush. GSC is one of the most famous strains for its catchy name, sweet smell, and dessert flavor. The sour and earthy taste of Jungle Kush combines with GSC’s profile to make for a potent profile mixing spices with pastries. While this may seem like an atypical formula, it’s come out flawlessly with this cultivar.

Easily this strain could be meant for the yard, or for watching an event on TV. The Jungle Cookies strain is undoubtedly popular, although the palate may be too odd for those just getting into it. Hints close to diesel keep the flavor interesting, but it’s an acquired taste. 

A long commute while wearing headphones, especially on the way back from work on the bus or train, is an ideal time to get lit on Jungle Cookies. It’s maybe too mellow to provoke anxiety, but potentially relaxing enough to help hours melt by in between music and daydreams. Make sure not to fall asleep on the bus though, at least not for too long! 

Find The Jungle Cookies Strain At Diamond Green

Diamond Green offers Jungle Cookies grown by Equinox Gardens. An eighth of the flower will cost you $40. With a measured THC content of 21.84%, Jungle Cookies may last most consumers a while. The bud comes in classy containers which could make for a tasteful present to a friend.

For depression, insomnia, and racing thoughts, Jungle Cookies may potentially be a strain worth trying out. It potentially causes too much relaxation if anything, and it could be mellow on the body. This strain might be great after working out, your 9-5, or being stressed. It can potentially help clear the mind, and it may prepare the user ultimately destress.

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