Mfused Delivers Spicy Doughy Flavor With Their Animal Crackers Strain


Out of Georgetown, Seattle, MFused is one of the most affordable and reliable suppliers of tasty cartridges. They offer quality products for the conscious consumer looking for something safe, tasty, and potent. Their Animal Crackers Cartridge comes in a half gram of THC-loaded wonder. With a peppery kick typical of the strain, the cartridge is a delight, especially when hit lightly. Citrusy notes do come in eventually, but it’s still better to draw slow than to chief. 

Ideal for late to midday, the Animal Crackers strain provides a hybrid experience that is excellent for unwinding. The effects are potent, but not uncomfortably so. Instead of zoning you out, it causes more of a heavy high that welcomes sleep. There’s no forcing the consumer down, only relaxing the body into resting. 

Smooth, Crisp Hits

MFused specializes in cartridges with a crisp hit. The draw from the cartridge is so potent that it’s psychedelic, so be careful if you’ve freshly tripped, or are sensitive to such effects. Luckily, the mellow effects of Animal Cookies will keep most consumers down to earth and feeling great. Those comfortable dealing with possible anxiety can easily enjoy this cartridge even on the go, as long as it’s not before work. 

Daily Use

Due to MFused’s method of producing vape products, the terpenes of their strains are beautifully preserved. For Animal Cookies, this means a salivating hit with an addictive kick. It’s hard to overdo the dosage, though. The worst to come of it for many is falling asleep. Otherwise, it’s an ideal strain to toke to potentially treat depression, PTSD, or insomnia. The terpene profile gives it strong potential at treating chronic pain, as it is rich in a Caryophyllene. This terpene has been found to fight inflammation. 

Find The Animal Crackers Strain At Diamond Green 

Available in half-gram and gram cartridges, MFused’s cartridges are relatively inexpensive. At $40 a gram, these cartridges will last, and consumers will be amply supplied with effective medicine. Animal Cookies tastes great, is easy to include in your lifestyle, and is a must-try for anyone struggling to sleep. 

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