Learn About The Top 4 Distillate Cartridge Brands Currently At Diamond Green


Despite some negative press, smoking a distillate cartridge is arguably the most popular form of consumption in 2020. Cannabis distillate is the concentrated form of various cannabis compounds. Through distillation methods, cultivators can isolate and concentrate terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and more. Distillation often separates the various compounds present in cannabis. So, while creating a pure CBD or THC distillate, terpenes can get stripped from the product.

Due to this, quality producers either use distillation methods that don’t do so, or they add terpenes back into the substance. Cannabis distillate is great for dabbing, eating, vaping and more. Debatably, vaping distillate is the most convenient, and cost-effective way of getting a metered dose of THC.

Best Four Distillate Cartridge Brands Currently At Diamond Green 

Top Shelf

Top Shelf has been around the Washington scene since 2012, and work to provide a free and open environment for consumers. All of their products are independently tested, and their flower is only handled by hand. Through focusing on excellent cultivation they always brings fire products. The most iconic cartridges offered by this brand include GDP, Dirty girl, and Dutch Hawaiian. 


Since 2011, MFused has been a crucial member of the Washington cannabis industry. They were the first company to develop pure THC and CBD oil cartridges for medical cannabis in Washington. From that year, they have continued to offer some of the most scientifically sound distillate products on the market. Some of their most desirable flavors include Maui, Tropicana, Wedding Cake. 

Two Heads

Hailing from Oregon, Two Heads started as a couple of hippies who were great at growing weed. They didn’t use pesticides or solvents in their farms and found so much success that now they have a wide range of cannabis products. All of their products remain pesticide-free and solvent-free. Their Ice Cream Cake Distillate Cartridge is one of their best offerings. 


Featuring smart marketing, Hellavated is a popular distillate company in Washington State. They feature a street aesthetic, and killer products. When trying them out for the first time, get their Blue Dream Cartridge.

Why Is Distillate So Popular?

With mixed cannabis legalization globally, it’s no surprise that distillates are growing in popularity. Distillates offer a portable, near odor-less, socially acceptable, and clean way to consume cannabis. 

Naturally, they’re going to dominate in a world based on convenience. It’s easy to work at a law office, as a janitor in the city, or a cook in the country and sneak in hits from a vape pen. There’s no limit to where consumption can occur, and less stigma than smoking a blunt or a joint at work. Additionally, it’s easy to confuse a vape for a nicotine vape, so it adds protection against the police. 

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