10 Strains To Try In 2020 Whether You’re New Or Old To Cannabis


Cannabis legalization will change things for people all over the United States and the world in 2020. Due to this, millions of people will be trying cannabis for the first time, if not the first time in a long while. Here is a list of strains to try in 2020, for the uninitiated, and the veterans of the cannabis world.

Ambassador Strains For The New User

Sour Diesel

For all of those entering the cannabis world, Sour Diesel is one of the most agreeable sativas on the market. As a legacy strain, it’s been around since the 90s and maintained popularity due to its light psychedelic high which is one of the most mellow experiences in the world of sativas. It’s a sunny California strain with effects that last up to 6 hours, and users often report significantly less paranoia than some other gassy strains. If you’re new to cannabis this is definitely one of the best strains to try in 2020.

Jack Herer

A winning strain which stoners have been in love with for decades, Jack Herer is named after one of the most important figures in cannabis history. This piney strain may provide an energetic high that stimulates creativity, and is one of the easier strains to grow. Due to this, it’s plentiful, and a must-try for every stoner.


One of the great ancestor strains, Chemdawg contributed to the genetics of many of the most popular strains in the cannabis markets. It is a soothing strain which everyone deserves to try. Find more information here about what cultivars of this strain we offer in the store.


AK-47 is a potent hybrid strain that provides soothing effects without too much of a hazy effect. Although it’s not always great to work on, AK-47 must be tried during a day of relaxation, especially when going to a park. Read more about it here.

GG #4 (Gorilla Glue)

One of the heartiest strains, GG #4 is commonly available across the country. It’s a kickass indica which helps even veteran smokers fall asleep. This is your classic gassy relaxing strain that can usually offer a solid wind down to any long day.

DJ Short Blueberry

This strain has been around since the 70s and still delivers on crazy berry flavors and calming effects. When you smoke DJ Short Blueberry it may help with treating stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, migraines, MS, and various debilitating conditions.

Strains For the Cannasseur


Packed full of citrus terpenes, Do-Si-Dos is a riot of a cannabis strain. The potent effects immediately kick in, changing a day, before mellowing out to a satisfying relaxation.


The Gelato strain has become so popular on the West Coast that it’s worth trying if you’re into craft cannabis. This strain from Cookies Fam will never disappoint on doughy flavor and classic sedative highs. We carry a cultivar from Liberty Reach at the store that will never disappoint.

Sunset Sherbet

With barely enough stimulation to help you make cookies before getting stuck in a comfortable position, Sunset Sherbet is a kickass indica. The flavor is brimming with fruit and hints of a forest. This may be one of the best strains to try in 2020.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a vanilla smelling and tasting strain with a hint of citrus which stays at the top of in-demand strains. After taking it users say they feel a weight pulling them down with a golden warmth which keeps them in love with it.

Bruce Banner

One of the most potent strains available, Bruce Banner takes after its parents, Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. This sweet, earthy strain hits with a massive euphoric rush that is only truly appropriate for daytime use.

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