The Rare Indica Ice Cream Cake Strain Is Like A Citrusy Dessert


There has been a surge of popularity in regards to savory strains, specifically different crosses of Wedding Cake. One of these festive sounding phenos to rise up is the rare indica powerhouse—the Ice Cream Cake strain. What sets this cultivar apart from other cake genetics is that it truly amps up the gassy floral, yet doughy terpenes that can potentially lead to bodily relaxation and engaging cerebral highs. Imagine yourself about to sit down to an ice cream cake that has an earthy orange flavor mixed in tastefully. By crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33 you get this effective indica cultivar that delivers results.

Your typical Ice Cream Cake strain is going to probably have some purple nugs with rich, dark green leaves. The flower itself will be dense, and thick in a way that when you squeeze it, it also has a certain juiciness. The trichome density on this kind of bud will be palpable if it’s grown correctly. It can get quite sticky.

The Ice Cream Cake Strain Is A Rare Indica Cultivar

When you crack a nug open you can get a strong whiff of the musky terps that will potentially offer pain relief. This is a perfect example of a stony indica that can make you lose track of time if you start watching a show you really like.

The main terpenes that come to the top usually with this strain are limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, per Leafly. The combination of these terpenes with the cannabinoids lends to an almost “maxed out” relaxation experience. Each of these terps is a big player in relaxation, pain relief, and combating depression. When you smoke it you’re overcome with a sweet, yet spicy flavor that resolves into an earthy cheese that can come across nutty, yet doughy in a way. If you’ve had a rough day, look no further than the Ice Cream Cake strain.

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