The Bruce Banner Strain Will Potentially Keep You From Hulking Out


The Bruce Banner strain is interesting because its name gives you immediate connotations. The name being the alter-ego of The Incredible Hulk, you first think it might make you go out of control, or, “hulk out.” Instead, this is the kind of weed that Bruce should’ve smoked to keep himself from going over the edge. This potent sativa-leaning hybrid has the potential to quickly take over your mind with a stimulating high that will get you buzzing. Dark Horse Genetics took OG Kush and bred it with Strawberry Diesel to create a gassy cultivar with hidden sweetness.

The nugs for this strain typically have your classic OG genetics look to them—vibrant green hues with thick trichome coverage and fiery-orange pistils. Bruce Banner should be somewhat dense, but also fluffy and somewhat easy to break apart. The predominant terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. Having a strong presence of caryophyllene makes this strain really pop on the spicy musky flavor, and anti-inflammatory effects. The limonene will then come in to offer some sweetness and anxiety relief and uplifting effects. Lastly, the myrcene gives it that hint of floral gas that rounds off the flavor in a classic sweet diesel aroma.

The relaxation this strain can potentially give to your body makes it very versatile for daytime or even evening consumption. You can characterize the high from the Bruce Banner strain to be invigorating and stimulating, but at the same time setting an immense chill over your body. The effects when you smoke some of this strain will put a pep in your step, and have the potential to help with depression and stress relief. If you’re feeling like you might hulk out on someone this might be the perfect remedy to keep you in a heady sweet spot.

Find The Bruce Banner Strain At Diamond Green

DogHouse Farms grow an incredibly potent Bruce Banner strain that will power you through any tough days. We’ve come to know and love the cultivars from DogHouse and our customers seem to be saying the same thing. This strain has three main phenotypes that are usually circulating, and DogHouse’s is the #3. Pick up grams of Bruce Banner #3 from DogHouse for $14 each.

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