The Kimbo Kush Strain Offers Classic Sedative Effects

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The sweet hits of Kimbo Kush quickly cause both couch lock and the munchies, but this is ideal for patients looking for pain relief, or sleep-aid. Being a cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, Kimbo Kush features a high THC content, high CBG content, and a rich amount of delta-limonene. It’s a couch locking indica-dominant, but due to the psychoactive nature of the crop, it’s better for watching cartoons than working or meditating.

With a full-body buzz, this strain proves to be an ideal strain to end the day with, as it completely mellows the body. Some people may find that they need to cough, or that the strain is a little rough on the lungs, but it’s just a standard reaction to many cannabis strains. Overall this is a pleasure to smoke, smooth, sweet, and fruity.

The buds of this strain are large, chunky, and fluffy. It’s not the densest strain in the world, but still gives a high yield per bud. Light green is common for this strain, but it can verge on purple under certain growing conditions. Citrus and berry notes are the predominant aspects of this strain, but once smoked, Kimbo Kush can taste a little sour. On the exhale, the sweetness returns, however.

Kimbo Kush Is Named After The Late Kimbo Slice

Ideally, this strain is used for anxiety and depression. It takes a few minutes to roll over the body, but once it does the effects relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. When someone smokes enough of Kimbo Kush, then it’s capable of knocking them out, just like Kimbo Slice, the namesake of Kimbo Kush.

Cultivators are in luck with Exotic Genetix offering seeds of this strain for sale. This indica-dominant hybrid can be grown outdoors in temperatures between around 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but due to the pungent smell, it is a very difficult plant to conceal.

Find Kimbo Kush Strain At Diamond Green

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