The DJ Short Blueberry Strain Has Been Around Since The 70s

Photo by Dyllyn Greenwood

DJ Short’s legendary Blueberry strain is a West Coast gem. All lovers of cannabis must try it at least once in their life because it offers such classic sedative effects. It’s not for the light-hearted, however. DJ Short bred this strain through mixing Highland Thai, Oregon Purple Thai, and Afghani Kush. This lineage resulted in a potent indica-dominant hybrid.

As the name advertises, the taste of this strain is a delicious berry. The aroma is also of blueberries. Red and purple hues dance throughout the flower, giving it a gorgeous appearance. This strain has been a hit since the 1970s. Ever since it started circulating, people have been using it to unwind and to fall asleep.

At first, a burst of energy spreads over the user, especially when smoked. DJ Short’s Blueberry has a potent uplifting effect. The mind races with positive possibilities, and sensuality explodes. But, after a few minutes, a deep body high creeps in. Watching a movie when smoking this strain or otherwise stay inside are solid choices.

Patients find this strain most helpful with treating stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, migraines, MS, and various debilitating conditions. If you’re looking for something to keep your mind off of pain or tension, this is a great option. For those looking for something recreational, DJ Short’s Blueberry tastes perfect. It’s easy to smoke, and it’s rare to find a strain better paired with music.

Considering the couchlock and a tendency to cause dry eyes, try Blueberry inside with plenty of water. Eat some veggies and keep yourself calm. It’s a robust strain, but it can be overwhelming. Make sure that you’re comfortable. It’s best for the end of the day and nighttime use. Although, due to its flavor, it’s easy to share with people.

Find DJ Short Blueberry At Diamond Green

If you’re stopping in at Diamond Green looking for a classic strain like the DJ Short Blueberry, we got you covered. Spady Bud is a local grower that delivers on this strain veritably. You can pick up this strain for only $10 a gram.

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