What Is Kief And Why Does It Get You So Incredibly High?

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Kief is a part of the trichomes, or hair, of the cannabis plant. The shiny little crystals that give the plant a gorgeous allure are kief. It also goes by the name of “cannabis crystals.” Most consumers are used to seeing it at the bottom of a three-piece grinder.  Such grinders are designed to filter kief into a special chamber. In high concentrations, it looks yellow or off-white when separated from the rest of the plant. If it’s not fully filtered away from plant matter, it can take on a green appearance. 

Kief is an excellent concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. The theory goes that this is to dissuade herbivores from eating the leaves. Cannabis’s strategy is to get its predators so high that they are either unable to continue eating or disinterested. Luckily for human consumption, this plays directly into our interests.

A simple three-piece grinder can be used to harvest kief. It is still present in two-piece grinders, but more likely to be stuck to the sides of the tool. Enthusiastic DIYers and professionals use a series of fine screens. Although this method is highly effective, it’s a bit overkill. Most consumers are better off buying it than producing it.

Ways To Consume Kief

Kief can be consumed in many ways. Some people simply sprinkle it in bowls and joints for an extra high. Other people include it in canna-butter by mixing it in flower they’re decarboxylating. An adventurous option is to dip either a joint or buds in cannabis oil concentrate, then roll it in the crystals. Buds that have gone through such a process are referred to as moonrocks. Other options include making rosin, an alternative concentrate, or hash, one of the oldest ways of consuming cannabis. 

Whatever method you want to try, kief is potent. Make sure to have plenty of water available, and know your tolerance. Smoking cannabis at all comes with some exposure to kief. It won’t be entirely different, but it will be incredibly potent.

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