What’s The Difference Between Gelato And Gelato #33 Strains?


Gelato is not a strain, but a family of strains. This popular cultivar from the Cookies fam has risen to a near godly level of popularity in the last year alone. The original mix of Gelato was Sunset Sherbetcrossed with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This lineage keeps the Gelato strain sweet and potent. The most famous phenotypes of Gelato is Gelato #33. This is a beautiful strain which features either dark green leaves or purple leaves complemented by strong orange hairs. The sweet and fruity profile makes this beautiful strain easy to enjoy.

However, Gelato #33 isn’t the best for beginners. Like all Gelato strains, it’s a powerful hybrid. It’s great for relaxing as it brings a potent sense of euphoria after smoking it, but for those inexperienced with THC consumption, it can be intimidating. This isn’t a mellow strain, it’s a strain that makes you feel mellow. It provides a burst of energy, and so it’s great for listening to music, going on a hike, or having a conversation, but it can’t be easily snuck around shifts.

If smoked at work someone could easily be zoned out for the entire day. It’s easy to have fun smoking Gelato #33, but hard to stay focused on abstract things. Negative thoughts can occur as well, so make sure to be in the right mood to light up.

Why is Gelato Organized The Way It Is?

Find The Gelato Strain At Diamond Green

As the property of the Cookies Fam,  the Gelato strain is a relatively privately managed cultivar. The seedsaren’t available for commercial sale, so producers interested in growing Gelato strains have toobtain clones. This is why Gelato #25, Gelato #41, and Gelato #45 are also options for consumers. They all belong to the same family but represent different phenotypes of the Gelato strain. For those looking for the high potency of THC in a Gelato strain, Gelato #45 spots a THC content of 26.7%. That strain should especially be avoided by beginners, but Gelato #33 is a wonderful addition to any hike. It’s also a popular enough strain to bring to a party and get daps for doing so.

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