Tropicana Cookies Is Everyone’s New Favorite Tangie Cross

Image via @house.of.cultivar

Tropicana Cookies is the perfect strain for the cannasseur—the look, feel, and smell of this strain delivers on a similar level to some other Tangie crossings like Forbidden Fruit. By crossing the Forum GSC with Tangie you get a truly potent cultivar that looks gorgeous. With the Tangie coming in prominently with the smooth, doughy cookies flavor rounding it off, this strain is a delight to smoke or dab. Looking at it is a sight to behold as you see a storm of trichomes and purple buds.

Oni Seed Co. really did a number with this particular strain because for all intents and purposes this strain looks like a strong indica. But, with the Tangie lineage coming through, Tropicana Cookies is actually a pretty strong sativa. Looking at a bud of this strain you’d guess otherwise from the purple buds and mixed with dark green that contrast with vibrant orange pistils. People usually think severely purple strains are always couch-lock indicas, but Tropicana Cookies is striving to prove you wrong. This strain almost smells like fresh orange juice when you first open up the pack.

The main terpenes in Tropicana Cookies are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. The presence of limonene and humulene will come together to form the sour, yet sweet citrus flavor that will stimulate you physically and mentally into full chill-mode. The caryophyllene at the head of the terpene profile though is what kicks you into high gear. On the outer rims of flavor you’ll taste the peppery, earthy notes of this terpene that naturally occurs in black pepper. The overall effect these terps create with the active cannabinoids is a blissful euphoria that keeps you thinking. But at the same time reassures you to relax and tells you everything’s gonna be alright.

Find Tropicana Cookies At Diamond Green

Tropicana Cookies has seen a large amount of popularity over the last year or two, taking the place of other Tangie crosses like Forbidden Fruit. Diamond Green currently stocks two different versions of this strain that does it immense justice. First, House of Cultivar has a gassy offering of the cultivar that you can snag for $14/g. Second, Lucky Devil Farms has made a delectable Tropicana Cookies that sits a little higher on our shelves at $45 for an eighth. We’re not lying when we say that as soon as you get a whiff of this strain you might fall in love.

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