Winter Is Coming! Stock Up During Our October Vendor Days

Images from Sticky Budz @stickybudz509

As we enter the month of October we’re already starting to say goodbye to Fall and hello to winter. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, and Halloween even sooner, it’s a good idea to stock up. Diamond Green has a host of daily deals, as well as vendor days during October to get you the fire cannabis products you need to stay warm and prepared. You never know when that first big wave of inclement weather will hit and drive you inside until further notice.

We’re ushering in a few of our favorite brands we carry at the store to share their wealth of cannabis knowledge. If you’re a curious consumer looking to take your first step towards a new career in cannabis, this is the perfect opportunity to talk turkey with an industry pro. If you’ve been wondering about how bigger grow operations function, we’ll have a representative in from Sticky Budz to explain what it’s like working with a tier-3 grower. They’ve even gone on to win a DOPE Cup. Green Revolution is one of our other visiting vendors this month. Any of their employees will know an insane amount of info about topicals and edibles.

During any of our October vendor days our customers can come snag 20% off of all of their name-brand products. While they’re visiting they can easily educate you on every tiny detail surrounding any of their particular products. The sales reps that speaks for the brands lining our shelves are crazy knowledgeable. Between the team growing it, and the team selling it, they play an integral role in educating both the retailer and the consumer. If a vendor is visiting during the week you can typically find them sliding into our shop from 3-6pm. If it’s a weekend, they’ll be setting up their booth from 11-2pm.

Winter Is Coming! Stock Up During Our October Vendor Days
Image via @stickybudz509

October Vendor Days

10/4 Green Revolution (3-6pm)

10/12 Sticky Budz (11-2pm)

10/18 Ionic (3-6pm)

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