Mad Mark’s Blue Hawaiian Strain Is A Flavorful Hybrid Strain Bringing Aloha Vibes


Mad Mark is a notorious figure in Washington’s weed scene. He seems to be at every single industry event like he has clones. A sweet cloud of good vibes and cannabis smoke seems to follow him at every step. Close in his footsteps are a loyal group of stoners, repping all of his strains like team colors during a pep rally. Strain like Grape Ape, Amnesia, and Carl Sagan are the usual suspects that come up when discussing his cultivar lineup, but the Blue Hawaiian strain is one more people should start talking about. Like all of Mark’s strains, the strain artwork is on point. Blue Hawaiian is characterized by a tiki god that reminds me of Crash Bandicoot’s floating sidekick.

Two commoners in Hawaiian and Blueberry were used to create the Blue Hawaiian strain. A heavy sativa and indica respectively when they’re apart, but together these strains create a sativa-hybrid strain that brings flavors like berries and grapefruit, per leafly. Hawaiian brings a bunch of tropical and energetic vibes while Blueberry is a classic indica used to create Blueberry Yum Yum, which is one of the most popular strains of the 2000’s. (Thank you Luda).

When you’re looking for a strain to power your through an off day’s worth of chores (who honestly wants to fold laundry sober?) Blue Hawaiian is your jam. This plant gives you an uplifting and energetic high that won’t put you down after you burn through two or three more bowls than you’re used to. You can be sure to catch a wave of the good vibes Mark puts into each harvest.

The Blue Hawaiian strain comes in both grams and eighths. A single gram is $14 and an eighth will run you $45.

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