Learn Why The Dogwalker OG Strain Is A Favorite For Medical Users


If you’re on the hunt for a hybrid strain that will get you up or sit you down, look no further than Dogwalker OG. By combining the laudable genetics of Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91 you get a stinky offering that many describe smelling like “wet dog.” Dogwalker OG is skunky, yet gives off strong woody aromas that will deliver a cerebral high that radiates a calmness throughout your body eventually. You can expect to find some focus in this strain, but too much of it will quickly convert it into a tool for deep relaxation and an early bedtime.

Typically THC-rich, this hybrid usually lands over 20% and stinks to high heavens. Looking at it, you’ll notice how dense the buds are, yet display a violent green coloration that grabs your attention. Busting open a nug, you’ll see a literal cavern of crystals, and maybe a slight hint of purple. This strain can come with a darker, or lighter green color on the buds, depending on which side the genetics are leaning. Trichomes coat the surface of the nugs, with earthy orange pistils jutting out to entice you in. Dogwalker OG is special because it looks and tastes almost exactly the same.

The medical benefits of this strain are ample considering its THC-rich nature. Many medical patients report this lending immense relief to mental and physical disabilities. The synergy between the strong THC profile and the skunky, earthy terpenes delivers the kind of entourage effect you’ve been craving. This hybrid strain can potentially lend immense aid to bodily pain, sleep apnea, mood disorders, and loss of appetite. The smell of this strain alone may do things to you—it’s that strong.

Image by @t4toby

Find Dogwalker OG At Diamond Green

Our customers have always been big fans of this strain, so we try to keep a few options on our shelves. Outright, DogHouse is growing a proper offering of this strain, did they do that on purpose? Next up we have shop favorites Cedar Creek Cannabis doing a phenomenal job at this strain. And Lastly, Burnwell is stepping up to the plate with an equally potent blend of this popular knock-out strain.

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