Summer Never Ends With Evergreen Herbal’s Orange Cream Pie Soda

Images by Dyllyn Greenwood

Although summer is over in the PNW, there’s still a way to get a taste of summer, and a high that energizes your day. Evergreen Herbal are the makers of incredibly tasty, and simply made sodas that have a nice kick of THC in them. The fizzy delight of a nice, cold soda on a hot day never get old. But, with colder days upon us, it’s necessary to find the little bits of fun to carry us into Spring. Evergreen Herbal has done just that by essentially bottling fun into their Orange Cream Pie soda.

This sizable dose of fun comes in your typical 6.3 oz. soda bottles, with varying THC levels. Evergreen Herbal only uses pure, clear distillate to infuse their beverages at either 10mg, 30mg, or 100mg. It even comes with a plastic shooter to measure your dosage if you’re trying to take it easy. It isn’t recommended to down the whole thing in one sitting, unless you’re the type to throw caution to the wind.

Try Evergreen Herbal’s Orange Cream Pie Soda

When you crack open one of these Orange Cream Pie sodas you’re met with a fizzy, citrus scent that has the doughy accents of a pie. If you’re no stranger to a refreshing orange creamsicle soda, this is going to be extremely comparable. Working with the uplifting citrus flavoring, along with the boost of pure cane sugar, this drink will put a little pep in your step. Whether you’re enjoying it on a hot, or cold day, there’s always a break in the day that could use a flavorful kick in the pants.

Next time you’re visiting Diamond Green, be sure to ask us about some of the other infused beverages we carry. Evergreen Herbal actually has five other infused beverages that are sure to delight a range of cannabis consumers. There’s something about a fizzy infused cannabis beverage that lightens up any rainy day and promises the warmth of Spring.

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