Stock Up On The Cheese Strain With An Ounce From North West Roots


wish I knew more about North West Roots, but I don’t know much. After a tedious amount of internet searches, the only thing I could come up with is one Instagram hashtag featuring their Shiva Skunk strain. I’m not sure who’s growing the weed, but if Linked In job postings are any indication, somebody’s getting it done. And if the Cheese strain on Diamond Green’s menu is any indication, they know how to pick the strains people want to smoke.

The Cheese strain is one of those cannabis plants people always wax poetic about and brag about the cuts they smoked during the medical and black-market days. The thing is, finding any Cheese strain on a recreational shelf, let alone a decent one is difficult. Luckily North West Roots is selling entire ounces so you can stock your head stash for weeks or months to come. (I don’t know how much you smoke.)

For those unfamiliar with the Cheese strain, it’s said to come from the United Kingdom, it’s often referred to as U.K. Cheese. It’s an indica-dominant descendant of Skunk #1. Why does this strain have such a cult following? A smelly sour aroma, unlike any other strain. It’s a smell that almost isn’t qualified as good, but rather stinky. It’s a stink that you can’t pull away from. This strain is known as an indica-hybrid that is associated with relaxing and euphoric effects. Wikileaf reports this strain is best used for pain relief, anxiety, and appetite loss. Who knows when you’ll find this rare plant again, so take a chance when you have it.

You can find North West Roots’ Cheese strain in ounces for $200 at Diamond Green. An ounce is about enough cannabis to roll 56 joints or smoke 100 bowls.

Uk Cheese Strain


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