Learn About The Mysterious Past Of The Powerful Chemdawg Strain

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At one point or another in your career of consuming cannabis you come across the potent Chemdawg strain (or Chemdog.) This hybrid strain of mysterious origin is said to be a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, which explains why it’s become essentially famous for delivering such a powerful punch. It’s been crossbred with so many different strains that it may as well be in the hall of fame. Much like the Headband strain, it offers an even dose of cerebral, and bodily effects. The noticeably gassy terpene profile of this particular flower hint at its favorable effects. 

The buds on Chemdawg are medium in size and have more vibrant coloration than your typical hybrid. Its long and tapered with relatively loose leaves in the way that you’d expect the buds from pure sativa parents. Conversely, the buds are densely resinous in texture, making this strain somewhat difficult to handle. You’ll notice the silver-white buds on this strain to be drenched in trichomes and THC. Sticking this into your grinder may be your best route to avoiding intensely sticky fingers. The predominant terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene and myrcene, which lend ideas to the effects. 

When smoking some Chemdawg be careful, because although it presents a myriad of medicinal benefits, too much can put you over. The strong cerebral and veritably heavy bodily high from this strain make it great for potentially relieving anxiety, stress, and body pain. The earthy, yet full on diesel smelling terpenes and flavonoids with this strain lend to the overall entourage effect. THC percentages for Chemdawg usually range from 15-25%. This is the kind of strain that reeks so strongly that you’ll smell it before you even see it. 

Learn About The Mysterious Past Of The Powerful Chemdawg StrainFind The Chemdawg Strain At Diamond Green

We’re well aware of the significance of the Chemdawg strain at our humble store, so we have options. If you’re looking for some Chemdawg from local i502 growers we carry it from three different growers. Mad Mark Farms, as well as Cedar Creek Farms, and Mt. Baker Gardens all have laudable offerings of this popular powerful strain. Ask to look at all three next time you stop in to see who you think grew it best!

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