Learn More About The Legend Of The OG Kush Strain

Images via Cedar Creek Cannabis

OG Kush is the kind of strain that even if you don’t smoke weed you’ve definitely heard of. Its name is legendary in the cannabis world and has global recognition even outside of it. Despite its highly popular status though, the origins of this strain still remain largely a mystery. Some argue that OG Kush comes from a cross between staple strains Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, per Wikileaf. Whether this hybrid strain got its name from being an “original gangster,” or being “ocean grown,” it continues to be bred to meet a constantly existing demand for its stoney effects.

The look of this strain will draw you in immediately, as it is typically laden with trichomes, and reeks almost like a skunky beer. The nugs are dense, in an almost indica-like way, yet the leaves are a greenish yellow. In some cases a particular phenotype of the genetics may produce traces of purple. Against the vibrant yellow and green hues of the nugs you’ll notice the vibrant orange pistils jutting out sporadically. When looking at the potency of your usual OG Kush, it’s going to clock THC percentages of around 20-25%.

When smoking on OG Kush, the high may come on more cerebral than physical. It tends to come on strong with a stimulating headrush that may focus you in on whatever you’re doing. Unless smoking in excess, this strain can be the perfect mood-altering medicine for when you’re looking for a general uplift throughout the day. On the medical side, this strain is great for helping those with attention deficits that need to focus. It also can possibly lend relief to users that suffer from anxiety and depression by elevating the present. Higher doses of OG Kush can potentially lead one down a path to paranoia.

Find OG Kush At Diamond Green

We carry several local brands from Washington that do immense justice to the OG Kush strain. Currently, you can find two different growers’ versions of the strain for only $12/gram each. The first is from a shop favorite, Cedar Creek Cannabis. These guys do it right every time, and their OG Kush is no different. The next laudable grower of the strain is Millennium Green. They’re giving the strain the same kind of justice it deserves to be a prime candidate for your smoking pleasure every time. Ask about this legendary strain next time you stop in to our shop.

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