Why Is Forbidden Fruit The Best Smelling Cannabis Strain?

Image by @ganga_sommelier

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of opening a fresh bag and/or jar of the Forbidden Fruit strain, you know what we’re talking about when we say it’s pungent. This loud strain of cannabis comes from the powerhouse marriage of Cherry Pie and Tangie. The result is an indica that many users report doesn’t slow them down, but still offers an energizing kick amidst a solid relaxing wave.

This strain tends to have high everything—terpene levels, THC levels, crystals, you name it. Not to mention it typically comes with a menacingly dark green (sometimes purple) hue to its buds that constrasts staunchly with the fiery orange hairs. When smoking Forbidden Fruit you’ll notice incredible sweetness that ranges from tropical to citrusy. This works beautifully with a relative pine flavor, and an earthy musty aftertaste. You get a powerful marriage of cherry, lemon, and pine aromas from this gassy strain that’s hard to find elsewhere. It almost smells like a fruit basket.

You’ll notice people all around the world talking about this strain, especially people from the UK. It’s relatively easy to grow, even outdoors, so it’s no surprise that it’s made a name for itself. The perfect strain to ease you into sleep, but can also give you a stony kick in the ass that keeps you going. When the strain is bred a little stronger with Tangie you’ll notice a much stronger energizing kick, and the buds will be more of a green hue. When it’s leaning a little more towards the Cherry Pie the buds may even be a deep purple that will boast more of the knock-out formula.

Forbidden Fruit Strain by Mr. Grimm

A prime example of the Forbidden Fruit strain that can be found at Diamond Green is by Mr. Grimm. They create a super dense offering of the strain that still rocks the 70/30 indica dominance. The look of this strain is enticing alone. With its noticeable diversity in coloration ranging from dark green to glowing purple, to electric orange on the hairs, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. Finish off your night right with Forbidden Fruit next time you’re searching for the right way to wind down.

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